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Continued Thoughts about Scott Walker

Scott Walker’s book, Unintimidated, displays the leadership needed in Wisconsin now and I wholeheartedly recommend him in his re-election fight in Wisconsin and for the Presidency, taking office in January, 2017.  He will do more wonders in Wisconsin and he can and will provide strong, reliable, honest, wise, and capable leadership in the Presidency.

I invite you to read this book.  It’s a gem, full of action and, more importantly, the “doing” statement of principle from Scott Walker.  My review of this book will soon be posted to my website.

Governor Walker is the son of a Baptist preacher, not a person of great wealth, but a person of great heritage.  He is a person of character, conviction, strength, and one you would be comfortable in almost any situation.  How do I know that?  I have read his book several times and he just “shines.”  He is the kind of person we want and need in the Presidency—wise, honest, capable—a person who is both pragmatic and one of principle.

Experience and Qualifications versus Issues

I deeply believe that Republicans like President Reagan are part of a wholesome, prosperous and bright future for America and the world.  I honestly tell all sorts of people that he has been the greatest President in my lifetime.

We need Republicans and Democrats to make our republic work.  Civility between the parties is also direly needed, not just between elections but during them.

Elections should not be a shortcut or character assassinations.  Also, issues should not be dominant. The experience and qualifications of candidates should overshadow issues – especially not vote-getting premises of more government aid.  Our aid, other developed countries and some other nations have national debts, entitlement and such that imperil not only their own nation, but the whole world.

President Reagan provided superb leadership in a time such as this.  Such leadership is sorely needed now.    My hope and prayer is that Republicans can gain House and Senate seats this year and win the Presidency in 2016.  It will be none too soon.

The Importance of Fair, Just, and Lawful Democracies

Think of the two “democratic” leaders who are crucial to continued peace in Europe.  President Putin has had opponents poisoned and has impeded free press and freedoms in Russia.  And then consider our own President Obama.  He overtly used the IRS to persecute Tea Party opponents during the election year, 2012, and beyond.  And he had the gall to announce that he was going to use a pen and phone to govern–I would say violate our constitution.
    So now we have these two leaders at a crossroads in international law and Ukrainian sovereignty.  This is not the way to reach toward heaven on earth.  Constitutions and laws matter.  As one of our wise founders, President John Adams, stated, “A government of laws, and not of men.”
    I am concerned that the lack of wisdom and goodwill will eventually lead to military actions in Europe, something that the United States gave much blood and treasure to avoid, and which President Reagan, as well as President H. W. Bush, worked adroitly to avoid.
    Long-term peace and prosperity in Europe must be the goal of these flawed leaders.  There are seven billion people on our planet to consider.  Selfish, emotional and lawless acts must be avoided by all.

The need for wise leadership

During World War II, America did amazing things—not only in defeating the Germans, Japanese and Italians—but also pulling us out of the Great Depression.  So people, in America and elsewhere, began believing in government to solve problems never thought in their purvey before.  That was the start of an unfortunate “progression” to today’s state of U. S. debt and obligations, Japanese and European debts and others.

President Reagan brought great leadership to the Presidency.  President Reagan had a lot to do with eradicating the idea that we must rely solely on the government to provide for every need of the country’s citizens; though his success with the Cold War and the economy proved that good government could solve many problems.

But now in America we have a bloated government with debts and obligations that overshadow and press down on our economy.  Again we need leadership that will guide our government in a controlled and restrained manner, as President Reagan so wisely did.