My deeply held opinion of mine as to the “insurrection” is based partially on “The Wall Street Journal” in a superb Opinion article, “The Uncredible Jan. 6 Committee,” by Kimberley A. Strassel.

The following are my deeply researched, firmly held, sincere opinions based on facts.

First things first. There was a massive presidential election fraud which included a pre-planned (what I now call) coup with the following:

>A Xi Virus attack timed to disrupt the American presidential election and pursue world domination by Xi, the Communist Chinese Party dictator.

>This gave a now corrupt Democrat Party leadership the “excuse” to make voting more “convenient.” In the process, many changes were made, frequently in violation of the American Constitution and election laws.

>I summarized The Navarro Report in my blog, “The Massive Election/Voter Fraud of 2020.” The Navarro Report itself summarized a great deal of evidence. I myself read, and viewed television aspects, and other macro and micro evidence of the fraud.

>”The New York Post” had a timely story about Hunter Biden’s laptop about two weeks before Election Day which could, in itself, have changed enough votes to alter the outcome of the presidential election “results” (had it not been taken down from social media of Twitter, Facebook, and Big Tech). Miranda Devine, an extraordinary author, and journalist, now has a whole book, “Laptop from Hell” which I read and summarized in my blog, “Joe Biden’s Bag Man!” on March 28, 2022. The book is devastating as to Joe’s whole career of corruption.

>In my opinion also, the following are what I call “The Marxist Mainstream Media,”: “The New York Times,” “The Washington Post,” CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, and Blomberg. There is a video on my website,, which HAD a link to my summary and opinion of the above sources which consistently distorted news about President Trump from 2016 forward.

>The legal profession was found wanting in all phases of the elections, in my deeply held view. Widespread, extensive, profound reform is direly needed in that profession if we are to have a viable, lasting, genuine rule of law.

>A gentleman whom I highly respect, Mr. Dinesh D’Souza, has produced a documentary film which I describe in my blog, “2000 Mules,” dated May 5, 2022. The evidence from that film (through the True to Vote Organization) uncovers graphically how “unauthorized intermediaries called ‘mules’ collected thousands of absentee ballots from voters and deposited them in drop boxes for money, (which is illegal in all 50 states). There were enough illegally delivered ballots to overturn the presidential election.

>Also I refer patriots to my June 4, 2022, blog, “Amazingly Good News as to America’s Election Integrity!” I summarized the action currently being taken to secure our elections now and gain TRANSPARENCY of our election rolls in all 50 states.

Finally, let me proceed from the presidential election itself. Though unprecedented, that fraudulent election should be overturned rather than “move on” or ignore the huge breach. Such an overturning would preserve our Constitution, rule of law, and belief in self-government.

The Marxist/reckless Democrats have put together a highly partisan “uncredible” January 6 Committee which is very much a diversionary tactic from the fraudulent election itself through the equally fraudulent Inauguration.

Again I must repeat, It will be much better for our Constitution, rule of law, and belief in self-government to overturn the presidential election. The utter failures of Joe and the Marxist/reckless Democrat leaders demand this essential innovation in our American Republic including the following:

>40+ year high inflation (set off in America by the very damaging expenditure of $1.9 Trillion by Joe and the Marxist/reckless Democrats while wanting to spend another $5 Trillion.

>Destruction of energy self-sufficiency resulting in high gas prices+.

>Open and inhumane Southern border.

> An unprecedented number of Executive Orders, many of which are unlawful/un-Constitutional.

>A war in Ukraine which can be attributed to the compromised Joe.

>A hideous handling of the Xi Virus even with the Warp speed vaccines, medical science itself being subverted.

>Crime of all sorts.

>Ridiculous schooling of Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project (refuted by the book 1620), both highly racist in themselves and I suspect they are intended to attempt to keep African Americans voting for a failed Democratic Party.

>A lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court of a lady because she fit the political African American woman criteria, a lady who couldn’t define “woman” in her senate judiciary hearing. This gender attack is absolutely absurd, especially with school-age children.

>Education perverted, schools/colleges that promote Marxism, gender confusion, and the lack of free speech.

I believe that the 2016 presidential election was a tremor and that an earthquake is coming. This will include the very necessary creation of election integrity, not only overturning the November 3, 2020, presidential election but establishing election integrity thereafter.

We must have a two-party government at ALL levels; federal, state, and local. Democrats have failed for decades in our schools and colleges, crime, and so much more. We need two worthy parties at each level to attain a competent, honest, and corruption-free government. School choice and charter schools are Republican issues whose time has come. The human brain does not mature until about the age of 25 and there should be NO politics in America’s classrooms. Truth in America’s classrooms is vital, including our very own history.

There is entirely too much money in American politics, too much politics in the classrooms, and a lack of election integrity from a properly IDed ballot to the final count (which should be as secure as our credit/debit cards).

I believe Republicans and Americans can chew gum and walk (perhaps run) at the same time.

Thus, we can overturn the fraudulent presidential election AND win with Republicans in other races at ALL levels in ALL 50 states including the upcoming November mid-term elections!




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