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Soldiers of Love

Soldiers of Love is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving lives and communities by promoting essential elements of Heaven on Earth: peace and security, freedom, democracies, prosperity, gender harmony, spiritual harmony, racial harmony, ecological harmony, health, as well as moral purpose and meaning, which combined, will help lead our society and humankind toward Heaven on Earth.

Based in New Orleans, Soldiers of Love partners with other charities with similar ideals and goals to support the community. While Soldiers of Love is locally based, our vision goes far beyond the four corners of Louisiana. We intend to identify the needs of communities throughout the United States and world to begin to strengthen each one by implementing the above elements.

Soldiers of Love is dedicated to delving into the core of world issues and making the earth a better place. By following our pledge, “I will try to love and help create a heaven on earth,” we can accomplish anything!

John E. Wade II
John E. Wade II


Soldiers of Love was founded in 2006 to promote and instill these key elements to help create Heaven on Earth – peace and security, freedom, democracies, prosperity, gender harmony, spiritual harmony, racial harmony, ecological harmony, health, as well as moral purpose and meaning. Through this charity, we will reach for the stars with the enduring, steadfast love of God from above. We strive to “teach people to fish instead of giving them a fish” : that is, make a long-lasting impact on their lives through education, training, healing, and other initiatives. This concept of autonomy and ownership is integral in reaching Heaven on Earth, and can be reflected in the ten elements.

Every day we are faced with the awful truths that occur in our world (war, genocide,disease, environmental deterioration, to name a few) that seem out of our reach to mend. 

While these issues are often on a large and worldly scale, we at Soldiers of Love know that if we focus on the ten elements, we can improve the foundation of our society. By focusing the charity’s efforts on the fabric of individual communities, such as education, economic well-being and health, we can ultimately make an impact on the rest of the world.

Soldiers of Love partners with other non-profit organizations to create a model that embodies the ten elements and can be replicated globally. Although we are based in New Orleans, our vision goes beyond the four corners of the state, our nation and eventually around the world.

Our Partners

Soldiers of Love recognizes the hard work and efforts already made by many charities throughout the world. As a not-for-profit, we are here to support those organizations. We strive to create partnerships with organizations on the same path as Soldiers of Love.

If your organization is interested in partnering with Soldiers of Love, please contact us at


Desire Street Ministries

Since 1990, Desire Street Ministries has served the impoverished Desire neighborhood within New Orleans’ 9th ward with programs that meet the residents’ specific needs. While Hurricane Katrina forced Desire Street Ministries to relocate to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the organization still exists to revitalize the community through spiritual and community development.

Desire Street Ministries learned that to fully transform the neighborhood, it had to address the great educational gap that existed among the neighborhood’s youth. In 2002 Desire Street Ministries launched Desire Street Academy to transform the Desire community by training students to pursue excellence in academics, athletics and the arts in a Christian context. Desire Street Academy provides its students with a fresh start in a warm educational environment that emphasizes academic excellence, spiritual growth, consistent classroom management, individual responsibility, appropriate social behavior, and firm but balanced discipline.

To learn more about Desire Street Ministries, please visit

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

Founded in 1985, the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) is the leading patient-directed national organization focusing on the most prevalent mental illnesses. The organization fosters an environment of understanding about the impact and management of these life-threatening illnesses by providing up-to-date, scientifically-based tools and information written in language the general public can understand. DBSA supports research to promote more timely diagnosis, develop more effective and tolerable treatments and discover a cure. The organization works to ensure that people living with mood disorders are treated equitably.

To learn more about DBSA, please visit

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement (JA) seeks to educate and inspire young people to succeed in a global economy. Through age-appropriate curricula, JA programs begin at the elementary school level, teaching children how they can impact the world around them as individuals, workers and consumers. JA programs continue through the middle grades and high school, focusing on the key content areas of entrepreneurship, work readiness, and financial literacy.

To learn more about Junior Achievement, please visit