A Documentary Series About Achieving a Heaven on Earth

TV Series

A World That Works – Documentary Series

From country to country, I traveled with my documentary production team to discover individuals and organizations that are doing their part to work toward achieving
Heaven on Earth.

This television series discovers “best practices” epicenters where elements are being studied, perfected and ultimately implemented in a way the impacts the world.  In one episode, we teamed up with Costa Rica’s Rainforest Aerial Trams and the Sueno Azul Eco-Resort to showcase how efforts to achieve Ecological Harmony are flourishing in areas across the globe.

In another episode, we studied Racial Harmony. Specifically, we took a look at how music can bring races together in a remarkable colorblind way.  We showcase the Louis Armstrong House Museum and we interview local musicians responsible for creating grass roots music programs way down south in New Orleans.

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A World That Works – Racial Harmony

A World That Works – Peace

A World That Works – Ecological Harmony