This is an extraordinary book for multiple reasons.  The work renders an inside look at Mr. Trump from the initial escalator entrance with the announcement of his candidacy through his impactful administration. The book is extremely well told, fast paced, with amazing details of major projects spearheaded by the genius author himself. He reveals leaks and leakers (and even a definition of leaks).  Mr. Kushner makes known the real reasons why some important administration officials were fired (they deserved it).  He rightly pointed out the very detrimental, biased mainstream media, two erroneous impeachments of President Trump, key Trump/Kushner+ results on the trade, criminal justice reform, the Warp Speed vaccines and Middle East Peace +++.

In short; this noble, intimate, perceptive, brilliant portrait of momentous, results-oriented work within the White House is simply captivating in its importance-certainly an account whose time has come.  Thank you, Mr. Jared Kushner!  President Trump and America was well served by you and your impactful, beautiful wife, Ivanka (daughter of President Trump).  

Some of the key takeaways include Mr. Kushner’s direct observations of then Mr. Trump’s speech announcing his candidacy-not using his prepared speech, yet delivering “raw, authentic, effective” words in an impromptu manner. Amazingly, he was on top of the polls “within four weeks of entering the race”. He also designed the MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN red hat himself; it became a hit in many ways (I wore it proudly).

On July 21, 2016, Mr. Trump delivered his Republican Presidential Acceptance speech in Cleveland, Ohio. “It was a smashing success, viewed by thirty-five million viewers”.  (I was there and became tremendously impressed by his inherent, authentic, DETERMINATION. And I’ve seen his amazing, resilient determination ever since that magic moment)!  He proved he was a miraculous campaigner as Mr. Kushner accompanied him at “10 rallies in the final 48 hours”.  The author observed then Mr. Trump on his winning night, calm and at peace.  Later, Mr. Kushner would also see him as President under military-type moments (again, calm and peaceful).  “Hillary spoke to him for less than one minute” upon his victory (not surprising to me). 

Mr. Kushner described President Trump (and I readily agree) as “a calculated risk-taker and dealmaker who wanted to disrupt the ways of the past and change the world”.  His “unpredictable” side “made Trump successful in foreign policy”.  Very early, President Trump exhorted European leaders to “honor their NATO commitments” and “warned German Chancellor Angela Merkel” not to depend on Putin’s Nord Stream 2 Pipeline.  I believe that; if they had only listened and acted, perhaps we wouldn’t have the now-necessary defense of Ukraine.

The author’s description of Henry Kissinger was quite fascinating, interesting, and insightful.  Mr. Kissinger was dutifully “patriotic”. He readily contributed his knowledge, wisdom and “up-to-date” views even as he was 94 in age (yet quite “sharp”).  Mr. Kushner wrote “I was deeply grateful and solicited his counsel often”. 

The author was intimately involved in the Mexico/Canada/United States Trump trade negotiations.  The Chief Trump administration negotiator was Mr. Robert Lighthizer.  The author also quotes Mr. Lightizer as remarking, “Just remember, no one gets smarter by talking.” Mr. Lighthizer also negotiated with China and Japan.  A surprising detail to me was that Mexico did about $500 billion of annual trade with the United States whereas the figure for Canada was only $30 billion.

The author explained that the Mexico/Canada/U.S. deal “succeeded because Trump was absolutely prepared to terminate NAFTA (the prior agreement) and Mexico and Canada knew it”.  I believe President Trump’s strong, determined, decisive leadership got results throughout his administration. Of course, the Marxist Democrats and Marxist mainstream media certainly did NOT give our president credit for these quite admirable characteristics (my words).

         One important endeavor that Mr. Kushner related was the Trump “First Step Act”, (part of prison reform). The author wrote, “Changing a law is not meant to be fast, and it shouldn’t be easy”.  He described the legislation as allowing non-violent prisoners to have a second chance.  His account of Alice Johnson was quite stirring, a lady prisoner “who had transformed her life. She’d become an ordained minister, completed multiple vocational certifications, mentored fellow inmates, and maintained a spotless record”.  Due to a 1990’s nonviolent drug crime, she had served about 21 years.  President Trump showed his hidden heart when she was joyously released and “love emanated from her smile”.  This was restorative justice at its finest (though overdue for her). It can be a form of renewal that allows deserving human beings to become worthy citizens of America.

         Ivanka, Jared’s talented and lovely wife (President Trump’s daughter), was important in the 2017 classic Trump/Republican Tax Cut/Reform that was so crucial to invigorating the economy. This tax cut and reform (listen to this) raised additional tax revenues (because it spurred the economy, not because it punished individuals and businesses). Ivanka was an asset in other areas throughout the four consequential presidential years.

         The author described many key figures both within the Trump administration and important in his 3 ½ years of detailed talks (in many locations with numerous prominent Middle East leaders). These wide, innovative foreign policy efforts led to the Abraham Accords+.  He also described American politicians.  Mr. Kushner wrote that Secretary of State, Mr. Mike Pompeo, had “stellar credentials” and “shared Trump’s foreign views”.  While Secretary Pompeo’s staff may not have always agreed with “Trump’s directives…they appreciated his decisiveness”.

The author gave a gripping account of his “tour of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the former Nazi Concentration and death camp where the Nazis had murdered a million Jews”.  I have also, personally, observed that camp where terrible injustices, cruelty, and basic inhumanity of the worst order existed on a scale that still invokes pain.  I am sad now because China, (under Dictator Xi), is now persecuting Muslims in a somewhat similar way. Also, China, (under Dictator Xi) has and is persecuting Chinese of the Falun Gong faith; such punishment even including horrible, involuntary, fatal, organ harvesting (and selling the organs).

On March 24, 2019, Special Counsel Mueller finally admitted that Trump did not conspire with Russia and Mr. Kushner wrote, “This whole investigation has been nothing but a witch hunt “.  I agree completely. The whole Russian HOAX was a Democrat BIG LIE with the Marxist mainstream media wholly on board. The author furnishes descriptions and accounts of the witch hunt including Nancy Pelosi (a person whom I consider to be liar with a dictatorial style) and Adam Schiff (who is, in my opinion, a pathological liar).

In my opinion, the Marxist mainstream media (which are now widespread throughout America), are NOT a source of consistent truth. Instead, they are more like a propaganda network to be avoided.

The author gave accounts of President Trump, dictator (my description) Xi, and Kim (North Korean dictator-my description) in whom the president gained first-hand knowledge of these opponents (my description).

Mr. Kushner explained quite directly that one of the traits that he admires the most about the President was “he was one hundred percent focused on the task at hand”.  Biden can’t even read the teleprompter after decades in politics (my words).

Of course, one of President Trump’s major accomplishments (with other Republicans) was the economy which “had created 7 million new jobs, lifted 10 million people off welfare, brought 3.5 million working-age people off the sidelines into the labor force, and raised wages for low-income workers”.  Contrast this enormous success to the Biden, Marxist/reckless Democrat economy (my words).  Tax policy and reduced regulations were integral to those results (my words).

Mr. Kushner, in writing about the administration’s pandemic response, stated, “I’ve rarely seen such a powerful mix of altruism and collaboration from the private sector.  There was only one word for it…Patriotism”.  Yet, the Marxist mainstream media could only criticize President Trump (my words).  The author also praised Vice President Pence for his calming influence as Mr. Pence declared that governors and Americans would help. I believe this huge challenge not only emanated from China, but was an intentional act of the dictator Xi!

Details of Mr. Kushner’s performance at President Trump’s side are wonderfully portrayed with triumphs in the Abraham accords and Middle East Peace especially (Mr. Kushner was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his peace role in the Middle East).  The author also elaborated about Operation Warp Speed and addressed the pandemic, trade, criminal justice reform, and more.

At the end of this wonderful, insightful, and very readable work of genius; Jared Kushner concludes, “Don’t look back, look forward”.

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