For some time I have prayed daily for election integrity in all 50 states for all federal, state, and local elections. I ask you to join me in that fervent prayer.

Nothing has taken place in America to change my studied, researched, firm, and honest opinion that a massive election fraud took place in the presidential election of November 3, 2020 (quite to the contrary as our laws and Constitution have been flagrantly disregarded since January 20, 2021, Inauguration day, with the current “administration.”

I had a career as a CPA (approximately 30 years, now retired). This included about 18 years as an auditor in public and federal government auditing. I accessed complex facts and situations, coming to written conclusions with work papers as well as overall opinions. I did not take my opinions/conclusions lightly (and I didn’t reverse them later). I was first in my class of accounting majors at the University of Georgia and went on to earn a Master of Accounting degree from that university.

At this point, the overturning of the presidential election is not at stake because those ballots were required by law to be held only through September 3, 2022. Presumably, no challenge is now possible.

A key to election integrity and the direly needed Republican victory in the coming November mid-terms for Congress can be found in the election actions and issues in the fairly recent Virginia elections. Republicans won the following positions there: governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, and secretary of state. In those elections, heavy emphasis was placed on poll watchers, other election integrity issues, as well as pertinent matters such as education.

On September 9, 2022, in “The Wall Street Journal,” a favorite columnist of mine, Kimberly A. Strassel, wrote a potent article; “The Midterm Power of Parents.” She declared that “Education is the powerful rejoinder, a reminder that conservative candidates are the ones who have been on the side of parents and common sense.” She also explains that PEW polling shows education is the top issue with 60% of registered voters; over abortion, energy, and immigration. I fully agree with her insights.

In my opinion, three issues in America demand our attention:

  1. Too much money in our politics (perhaps the worst is the foreign money, illegal as I understand it, yet present through corruption).
  2. Too much politics in our classrooms, expanded terribly through Democrats.
  3. A lack of unquestioned election integrity so we proceed from valid registered voter rolls to properly ID’d voter ballots to final counts-ALL as secure as our credit/debit cards.

Perhaps more than at any time in American history, our midterm elections will be crucial to our fledgling Constitutional Republic. Democrats have a one-party system in so many of our cities and have failed miserably (especially in education and crime). In my opinion, corruption is rampant in that party, And that hurts non-elites the most.



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