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NEEDED: Capable, Wise, and Honest Leaders

America and all nations need capable, wise, and honest leaders.  The citizens of democracies must learn to perceive such leaders—not through low information, emotional, one-issue campaigns, but rather by being astute, educated, and informed.

It’s very important to see through a candidate’s misleading statements, or their outright lies, such as President Obama has purveyed from the beginning.  We don’t want “change” and “forward” into scandals unreported by the mainstream press.  We don’t like laws like Obamacare promulgated by two-faced Senators like Mary Landrieu, a deep liberal in Washington, D. C., and another person back in Louisiana.  She’s out of touch with the people of Louisiana and she must be defeated by Bill Cassidy, M. D., who I believe is far more reliable.

We must take back our nation from these liberals – far left liberals no matter whether they call themselves “progressives” or tell us we can “keep our doctor;” say IRS emails were lost; bring chaos to our borders, harm our veterans, have accumulated phone records on everyone in America and on and on.

President Obama is intentionally harming our nation and we must retake the Senate, maintain the House and hold the line against this out of control anti-American that speaks well, but is devoid of positive leadership.  And Hillary is on the horizon.  She is a dose of more of the same.  That is my honest opinion.

Our nation simply deserves better than President Obama, Secretary Clinton and Senator Landrieu.

Our nation is under assault by an anti-American, radical leftist President and while we still have the ballot, we must use it – in Congress – House and Senate – in 2014 and in the Presidency in 2016.  My Presidential choice for the Republican Party is Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin.  I sincerely believe he has the boldness, courage, capability, wisdom and honesty to lead us out of this dire threat to our very democracy.  And that will hurt the chances immensely to proceed in the direction of heaven on earth.

Electing wise, capable, honest leaders

All nations need capable, wise, and honest leaders.  In democracies, the citizens elect these people.  So, the electorate has a need to embody those same qualities to some extent – being capable, wise, and honest voters.

What is a wise and honest voter?  It is one who isn’t selfish, envious, greedy, hateful, or revengeful.  We must be more astute voters in 2014 and 2016, otherwise heaven on earth will be postponed indefinitely.

Dinesh D’Souza’s two movies, “2016: Obama’s America” and “America: Imagine the World without Her,” are real wake up calls.  The American voters didn’t heed my warnings in 2008 or the warnings of both D’Souza and me in 2012.  In 2014 and 2016 we must turn that far left pendulum the other way, otherwise our nation and the world is at risk financially and with more of the same in terms of wars and poverty.

It is outlandish the scandals of the Obama Administration and the extreme under-reporting of the mainstream press.  I believe that what President Obama personally dictated during the 2012 election campaign makes the actions of President Nixon pale in comparison.  And Hillary Clinton is cut in the same ultra-liberal cloth.

Voters, harness the wisdom-associated values in the upcoming elections!

Independence Day

 I am an optimist at heart.  Otherwise, how else could I try to see the path toward Heaven on Earth–and do so persistently since year 2000?
    But our nation is in jeopardy with a president who doesn’t embody the traits of a capable, wise, and honest leader.  And right now the Democrats in the Senate make up the majority.  This allows Democratic Senator Harry Reid to foster foolish statements and perverse policies and committee assignments.
    This November we Americans–in our stable and robust democracy–can allow responsible Republicans to take the majority in both the House and the Senate.  This action will help shield our country from the harmful actions of President Obama.
    On this Independence Day, let’s dedicate ourselves to assert our disapproval of the this administration and those Democrats in Congress who have been a part of this charade of destruction.  Our economy is anemic in the long-term with current “leadership”–at best.  Japan is an example of the type of fiscal policies that the president, Democrats, and the federal reserve system have followed–all the time blaming the Republicans.
    As a Republican, I deeply believe that now is the time that American voters must take back our beloved nation from these inept, unwise, and dishonest Democrats.
    President Reagan provided the ideal leadership to remedy the disaster that he inherited.  Now we must elect Bill Cassidy and other Republican senators to take the majority of the Senate in 2014.  We can do it!  We must do it!
    We can gain our independence from President Obama and the Democrats to salvage our democracy.  I implore you not to think of the 2014 or 2016 elections as ordinary in any sense.
    President Obama squandered a hard-fought democracy in the Middle East–Iraq–by not leaving a stabilizing force behind as we did after World War II in Japan, Germany, and Italy (with wonderful results).  His incoherent foreign policy can only be “explained” by his personal history of being surrounded by anti-Americans from his mother and father to Reverend Wright, and many others.  Of course, that pertains to his domestic politics too.
    We must seek our independence from President Obama and Democrats at all levels.  We now have a near-record number of Republican governors–thirty–and they are joined by a number of Republican legislators.  But they have an uphill battle against the tirade of regulations poring out of Washington DC, not to mention the higher taxes in a tepid economy.  These onerous regulations and taxes are just the opposite of what President Reagan did to engender a 25 year period of healthy economic growth.  And don’t forget the foreign policy triumphs in the Cold War.
    We must gain our independence from these folk hero Democratic politicians at all levels, the party that brought us Detroit, Illinois and “victories” based on such things as IRS harassment–supported by emails that “disappeared.”
    I now believe that the 2012 elections were affected drastically by a president who wanted reelection at “any cost”–including corrupting the executive branch of the federal government, where I served twenty years without such conditions.
    We must unite, not only Republicans, but Americans as a people–like our founders did on Independence Day.  These revered founders risked their lives and property and many have followed in their footsteps to bring freedom and liberty, not only to our beloved country, but throughout the world at times.  I believe that in the long run–achieved hopefully and prayerfully with nonviolence and without revenge–the world will achieve permanent peace when we attain a planet full of stable, robust, and prosperous democracies.
    I support pro-choice and green solutions.  Climate change is a legitimate issue, but it is part of ecological harmony, humanity and conservation existing hand in hand, for ourselves and all future generations.
    On this Independence Day, let’s dedicate ourselves in a serious fashion to gain our independence from the far left that has shown its failed trickle down colors to the detriment of America.

America Graduates and India’s Recent Historic Election

I just completed reading all The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal stories on the election just completed in the world’s largest democracy – India (1.2 billion citizens).

What does that have to do with American graduates?  In India, the young people in particular came out in force against the anti-business, leftist party and instead overwhelmingly elected a pro-business leader and his party.  These young people want jobs—not the Indian equivalent of our food stamps.

I hope and pray that the American graduates will come to the same conclusion as their Indian world citizens, in both 2014 and especially during our presidential election in 2016.

Scott Walker versus Hillary Clinton for President in the 2016 Election!

I support Governor Scott Walker in his re-election campaign as well as a candidate in 2016 for President.  Governor Walker is the son of an outstanding minister.  Scott had solid experience at the local level in Milwaukee, legislative level and is currently in his first superb term as Governor.

His accomplishments are partially and wonderfully contained in “Unintimidated.”

Scott is a superb leader, wise, honest, capable and courageous.  It’s not a matter of one thing he has done, but his whole public career of awesome feats.

Scott is a conservative in the mold of President Reagan.  He understands the political process, knows how to win – all important, and can help to reform our national government.

Yes, Scott is a reformer, just as President Reagan was.

Some cynics have given up on Washington and “the best way.”  We just can’t do that.  Skepticism of a healthy nature is fine, but we must not let the Democrats and President Obama or Secretary Clinton erode our freedoms and prosperity.

Instead, 2014 must, must, must be a turn toward reform in the nature of President Reagan.  One by one, reform by reform, we must invoke a new contract with America.

Who can say that the Democrats have brought prosperity to our nation?  After all is said, it is at the state level, in “red” states or Republican Governor states many times supported by Republican legislatures that have brought measures of prosperity to their states despite the negative waves from Washington.

Yes, it has been in spite of, and certainly not because of, that so many Republican states have done everything from improving education – adult as well as children; lowered taxes, thus stimulating individuals and businesses; and, quite significantly, brought fiscal discipline to their states.

The prescription that I recommend is more of the same in all 50 states, local governments,  and last, but certainly not least – our national government.

We can and we really must if we are to innovate as we must in this Innovation Age.

Courage is sorely needed in the national arena and I believe Governor Scott Walker has what it takes to lead our nation toward Heaven on Earth.

As to Secretary Clinton, I see her as a typical Democrat “folk hero” who really doesn’t have the local and state experience, or the character of Governor Walker – a Baptist minister’s son who has a serious record of public service and management skills and experience.

Much will be made of Secretary Clinton as her potential of being the first female President.  But I read a number of years ago, “The Case against Hillary Clinton.”  It was quite persuasive.

I believe her biggest problem is that of character.  The Presidency will be very difficult for her because she will face an almost impossible task of keeping up with what she told to various people.  Such a task is not so difficult for someone like Governor Walker who would be of an honest nature with all and would not have that additional stress.

Honesty is the best policy, for public servants as well as everyone else.

I don’t trust Secretary Clinton or President Obama.  In terms of the Presidency, he completely misled the American people on Obamacare and somehow he deserves to fall from the heights that the mainstream press has – quite undeservedly – placed him.

Trust is so critical to a stable, robust, prosperous democracy.  President Reagan was trusted and, thus, was quite effective not only economically, but also by foreign leaders, even behind the Iron Curtain.

Honesty from a Baptist minister’s son can help to cure this malady of Democratic “folk heroes” making.

In a democracy such as ours, we each of voting age have a role to play.

Our Country’s Bright Future

I am very optimistic that Republicans can be victorious in 2014 and 2016.  But we can’t take ANYTHING for granted.  We have a President who is a superb political hack.  He knows how to pull the emotional strings and is not concerned about the truth or consequences to America or its people – or the world.

To preserve the American dream of upward mobility for all its people, it is absolutely mandatory that Republicans are victorious in 2014 and 2016.

The mainline press won’t help us.  Many liberal universities won’t help us.

Who will?  I have faith in democracy now and, in those crucial elections, for our people to step up to the plate and discern the truth.

Right now we have 30 Republican governors and they are getting results – better education through charter schools, vouchers, etc.; fiscal sanity unlike Illinois and Detroit which have been governed by the folk heroes of the Democrats, and on and on.

I am impressed by Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, having read his book “Unintimidated” once – word for word – and reviewing it multiple times.

From it I hear the voice of my lifetime’s greatest President, President Ronald Reagan.  Not only does he communicate quite well; he has a vital grasp of local, Wisconsin and national affairs.

He doesn’t have the title of “community organizer” in his resume, but he has a whole lot more important experience – things that are intensely relevant to our future.

But now is now.  We must elect Republicans at all levels – state legislators, governorships, other state offices, Senators, and Congress persons in 2014.  We must take back our government from the liberals who are wrecking us domestically and internationally.

I’ll never forget how at the Democratic National Convention in 2012 they booed God, more than once.  So, how could 2,000,000 Republicans stay home – on Election Day?  Shame!  Shame!  Shame!

The reality of the global financial situation is perilous and we have a President who is incoherent in his foreign policy.

Republicans must strike now in 2014 and again in 2016 to allow us to lead – economically as well as militarily – to allow us to reach toward Heaven on Earth.

The cynics will not understand the positive possibilities of the future.  It is up to the healthy skeptics and the pragmatists to understand the wonderful outlook – if we vote and support good government and sound fiscal policies and a whole lot more good things from the Republicans at all levels.

We don’t need a folk hero to lead our country!

Consider the legacy of President Reagan – a growth economy which enhanced the lives of so many in the middle class, lower class mobility and everyone else; and how his adroit bargaining, economic strength and military power led to the end of the Cold War, without firing a shot.

We have some of the similar challenges now, a difficult economy, radical Muslims, and Russian expansionism.

In our democracy we each have an important role to play in terms of voters.  I hope and pray that our electorate will discern the immense possibilities in electing Scott Walker, who is currently the Governor of Michigan.  I genuinely, deeply believe that he has the “right stuff” to propel us toward heaven on earth.  He has a rich and victorious electoral and accomplishment record at the local and state level.  He hasn’t been contaminated by the Washington beltway re-election disease.  He’s a courageous leader like President Reagan.

Yes, Republican, Democratic and independent voters should try to see through the mainstream press which is likely to attempt to destroy ANY Republican Presidential candidate despite the glaring character and other flaws of Secretary Clinton.

America doesn’t need a Democratic “folk hero” in 2016 or, for that matter, in other offices in 2014.

Scott Walker has the “Right Stuff” for Our Nation

I truly enjoyed my many readings of Governor Scott Walker’s book, Unintimidated.  His record as Governor of Wisconsin is impressive, demonstrating strength of character and principles, innovative positive actions, wisdom, honesty, and leadership.

All in all, I genuinely believe Governor Walker has “the right stuff” for re-election in Wisconsin and a winning Presidential run in 2016.  He has both local and state experience.  He was County Executive for Milwaukee County as he was re-elected three times with larger margins of victory each time.  He also served in the Wisconsin Legislature.

He learned at the local level how destructive public unions are—willing to accept layoffs of teachers, other workers, and higher taxes, just about anything to preserve their involuntary dues income.

Federal employees have some unions, but they have much more limited powers than many state and local unions.  But federal workers receive pay and benefits 16 percent higher than comparable pay in the private sector.  I believe that as president, Scott Walker would address both pay, redundancies and inefficiencies in our federal government; there are enormous savings that could be found in that endeavor.  But it takes courage and it must be done in a kind way, with outplacement services comparable to good citizen corporations.

Courage is in short supply for so many inside the Washington beltway.  Governor Scott Walker, like President Reagan, could provide courageous leadership toward heaven on earth.

We need to increase growth and opportunity in our nation.  Upward mobility is crucial.  Education, which Governor Walker understands, is one definite key in the 21st century.  Without education, upward mobility for most is stymied.  I understand that the budget for teachers’ unions nationwide is larger than that of the Republican and Democratic Parties combined.  But when collective bargaining rights of unions are taken away, as in Wisconsin and Indiana, schools are able to be run with the primary goal of maximizing student upward mobility, not the income of union bosses.

Secretary Clinton and President Obama are creatures of union support, in effect helping to destroy the upward mobility of students all over our nation.

Unions were once needed by workers who were abused by management.  But that time was decades ago.  It is possible to have responsible unions, but the record and effect of teacher unions has been disgraceful.  In the 21stcentury we must motivate and educate all our citizens, especially our youth of all races, to attain global-type capabilities.  Unions, especially teacher unions, are the enemy of upward mobility in the United States.

Governor Scott Walker has proven through death threats and national media calling him “Dead Man Walker” that he will stand up to unions and whatever else stands in the way of our nation’s journey toward heaven on earth.  As he essentially points out in his book, he is not anti-union, but he is pro-teacher, pro-student, pro-taxpayer, and pro-good government.

He states again and again that he respects public servants who concentrate on the next generation rather than the next election.  He also explains that those persons are much more apt to win the next election.

The march to Heaven on Earth is not without its challenges.  Governor Scott Walker has faced—with determination and strength—his share and more.  And he certainly shined.  He’s needed to continue his reforms in Wisconsin in one of the 50 laboratories of our democracy.  But on January 20, 2017, I hope and pray that he will be inaugurated as a Reagan-like President of the 21st century.  I see that in him, genuinely and sincerely.

And remember the legacy of President Reagan: a growth economy which enhanced the lives of so many in the middle class, lower class mobility and everyone else, and how his adroit bargaining, economic strength and military power led to the end of the Cold War, without firing a shot.  We have some of the similar challenges now, a difficult economy, radical Muslims, and Russian expansionism.

In our democracy we each have an important role to play in terms of voters.  I hope and pray that our electorate will discern the immense possibilities in electing Scott Walker.  I genuinely, deeply believe that he has the “right stuff” to propel us toward Heaven on Earth.  He has a rich and victorious electoral and accomplishment record at the local and state level.  He hasn’t been contaminated by the Washington beltway re-election disease.  He’s a courageous leader like President Reagan.

Yes, Republican, Democratic and independent voters should try to see through the mainstream press which is likely to attempt to destroy ANY Republican Presidential candidate despite the glaring character and other flaws of Secretary Clinton.

America doesn’t need a Democratic “folk hero” in 2016 or, for that matter, in other offices in 2014.

The Importance of Showing Our Country’s Youth the Republican Way

The elections both this year and in 2016 are critical to our nation, its people, and the world.  Here in Louisiana, I will do my part to help elect a fine Congressman to the Senate, Bill Cassidy, M. D.  This can very well give Republicans a majority in the Senate and help lower the downside risks of the remaining time of President Obama.  That’s very important to Louisiana and our nation as well as globally.

Why?  There are only two things that have propelled our economy (jobs for our young people and everyone else who has been successful in job searches), and they are:

·        Oil and gas advances creating a lot of well-paying jobs and all the jobs that surround those jobs.

·        Thirty Republican governors who have promoted their state economies with sound fiscal policies and job-creating education enhancement at all levels.

I have read and reviewed Scott Walker’s book, Unintimidated, several times.  It has conveyed the message time and time again that sound fiscal policies can mean lower taxes, efficient, yet not austerity-type of government, improved education with flexibility in rewarding good teachers, hiring well and dismissing “lemons” that destroy our youth, and holding teacher meetings without union approval and on and on.  Flexibility is all-important both in managing a business and a government, national, state or local.  Scott Walker understands the importance of this flexibility at the state and local level because he had tremendous problems without it at the Milwaukee County level.

The future is all we have ahead of us.  Young people have a lot of future ahead of them.  They will choose the failed policies of the Democratic party, with ruinous policies evident in cities such as Detroit, and states such as Illinois, or they will choose to elect Republicans at all levels, the leaders of which have shined in the red states with lower taxes, education efforts which are determined and forthright and, in so many ways, success in employing young and old despite national “leadership” that has been at the least, “challenging.”  My hope and prayer is that the nation’s youth will follow the pathway of wisdom in voting for Republicans at every level.

Life is full of surprises, and they’re not all good.  But wisdom is all about navigating the bumps in the road of life, and coming out on the other side with a degree of wisdom and truth.

A prosperous economy can open the possibilities to an abundance of things.  A strong leader such as Scott Walker can also open doors toward Heaven on Earth, a destiny we all seek, and yet  reach only with great sustained effort and God’s enduring, steadfast love.

As a voter in the United States, each citizen has a part to play in this ultimate drama.  I firmly believe that the Republicans have a better plan—perhaps not a perfect plan, because we are all human—but a better plan than the Detroit or Illinois or Obama plan.

A Call to Action

I see America like Ronald Reagan saw it, as a shining city on the hill, a beacon of freedom, liberty, and democracies, as well as a nation which fostered prosperity at home and internationally.

On June 8, 1982, President Reagan stated, “If history teaches anything, it teaches self-delusion in the face of unpleasant facts of folly.”  To me that speaks to President Obama and all his fellow Democratic “folk heroes” who will drive our nation into a depression (just as Democrats did to Detroit) if we, the people, don’t step up and understand that delusion the Democrats are perpetuating, over and over and over again.

The mainstream media is just not reporting hard news without bias; so much of our educational systems purvey the same liberal bias.  So, in a way, it’s not self-delusion, but an onslaught of forces that prevent citizens, especially the young, from realizing the underlying truth in our nation and the world.

As the sole superpower—for now—and the largest economy—for now, we must head in the direction of Heaven on Earth.  History is rife with the rise and failure of empires.  We have this very unique opportunity to not just “make a difference” but to have a huge impact in transforming our planet non-violently.

In this worldwide drama, there are no “bit” parts, especially in the United States electorate.  Voting without facts, emotionally (without facts), or for one’s perceived selfish wellbeing, is not in keeping with the path toward Heaven on Earth.

All this is not a matter of mere opinion, but it reflects my deep conviction that Republicans can and will lead us toward Heaven on Earth.  It’s a statement that sincerely must be made by the American people, a statement that, I believe, will echo throughout our planet in a peaceful, positive, and influential sort of manner.

I believe that the nation and the world deserve mighty Republican victories in 2014 and 2016; and none too soon.

What can citizens do who recognize my truth?  Support Republicans as much as possible.  But also write, call, and contact the media.