By pwsadmin / July 14, 2021 /

I believe the federal elections on ELECTION DAY, November 3, 2020, and subsequently have been flawed. According to the American Constitution, state legislatures are charged with the duty of defining the execution of federal elections. In my opinion, the six states in the Navarro Report as well as all other states nationwide should undergo forensic…

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Our 51st State

By John E. Wade II / July 13, 2021 /

Could Cuba become the 51st state of the United States of America? Of course, this would NOT come through military action by America, nor through such action within Cuba by the Cuban people. Let’s display the Stars and Stripes for freedom and wonderful patriotism! NON-VIOLENTLY!

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By John E. Wade II / July 12, 2021 /

Simply put, America needs stable taxation, especially as we emerge from the China Virus. In particular, it is vital for blacks, browns, Asians, women, and all Americans that our taxes passed by President Trump and Republicans are preserved, NOT altered dramatically as proposed by the Democrats. Our present taxes WORKED for us! Display the Stars…

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An Important Life Skill

By John E. Wade II / July 8, 2021 /

Living with uncertainty is a vital life skill for ALL from the dawn of humankind. Faith helps. Prayer can literally be a life saver. Display the Stars and Stripes or some other patriotic symbol in this time of uncertainty for America. NON-VIOLENTLY!

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The Urgency of Reading “Animal House” and “1984”

By John E. Wade II / July 5, 2021 /

Each day in America the Deep State is getting deeper and deeper. Propelled by China for decades; now, after the China Virus and fraudulent elections; this menace is coming full force in our USA. The two books noted above through the genius of George Orwell dramatically invoke a looming reality now. America’s future and our…

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Goals for America and the World

By John E. Wade II / July 3, 2021 /

In “Wisdom for Heaven on Earth,” I describe ten goals which I pray for each day; Peace and Security, Freedom, Democracies (especially now as we are in dire need of election integrity retroactive to Election Day, November 3, 2020, and forward in all 50 states), Prosperity (free enterprise, NOT socialism), gender harmony, racial harmony, spiritual…

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Entitlement Trap

By John E. Wade II / June 30, 2021 /

“President” Biden (?) and Democrats are on the verge of passing an unaffordable, huge, outrageous entitlements’ bloating. It’s aptly and dramatically opposed by two pieces on the Opinion Pages of “The Wall Street Journal” dated June 29, 2021. According to the Journal, “this is likely, and the biggest expansion of the entitlement state since the…

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The Truth

By John E. Wade II / June 29, 2021 /

The Communist Chinese Party declared war on the United States of America decades ago-psychological, knowledge, and economic warfare. In my opinion; this led to corruption of our schools, colleges, mainstream media, the Democratic Party, elections at least as far back as Election Day, (November 3, 2020), and probably the China Virus. Republican’s and America’s top…

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By John E. Wade II / June 27, 2021 /

Just think about those puffy white clouds against a pale blue sky, lush green plants, animals, viruses, bacteria, water, the sun, us; humans with tremendous potential for good or ill. As for me, Almighty God’s works surround us, each and every precious moment.

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Election Integrity

By John E. Wade II / June 24, 2021 /

Each day, I now pray for election integrity in America; retroactive to election day, November 3, 2020. Forensic audits can and must achieve that result. In the future, legislatures in all 50 states must enact laws that include the following: > Paper ballots > No algorithms in voting machines or in counting votes, Period. >…

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