Election Integrity in America

Each day, I now pray for election integrity in America; retroactive to election day, November 3, 2020. Forensic audits can and must achieve that result.

In the future, legislatures in all 50 states must enact laws that include the following:

> Paper ballots

> No algorithms in voting machines or in counting votes, Period.

> No Internet connections, Period.

> Voter picture IDs for all in-person voters

> Unique codes for each voter who votes by absentee ballot> Observation of all vote count

> Forensic audits in each election of ballots and counting, funded by savings on the non-use of voting machines

> Up-to-date and accurate voter rolls

> Any other safeguards that experts and legislators might devise to assure election integrity

The above is NOT racist. It is definitely meant to protect blacks, browns, Asians, women, and all Americans from incompetent and corrupt elected officials at all levels.

Display the Stars and Stripes to show others your respect for America. NON-VIOLENTLY!

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