One Party Rule

The Democratic Party has controlled many American cities and states-with disastrous results. You name it-poor education, crime, high taxes, burdensome regulations; Democrats were in charge. They ruled with one-party domination. Over time, this brought incompetence, corruption, and uncaring actions in all those Democratic cities and states; sad, sad results.

In too many of these cities, Democrats have ridiculously championed the defunding of police. What happened? All sorts of crime escalated, especially black on black shootings and murders. This crime and defunding refuted the wishes of 80 percent of the people in the worst crime locations.

This has, is, and will go on until black, brown, Asian, and white Republicans, participate and gain elected offices in those one-party beds of the forgotten.

These Republicans must be persons of merit, courage, competence, and NOT corrupt.

School choice should and will be the cry of these brave, conscientious, kind, Republicans, and countless other important concerns!

Proudly display our Stars and Stripes to show how you care about America!


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