I have been a lifelong Republican since President Ronald Reagan. He vitalized the American economy for about 25 years by lowering taxes and regulations. And through adroit leadership followed by an astute President H. W. Bush-won the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

The last Democrat as President that I admired was President John F. Kennedy who had wonderful quotes as a gift that sits as on my desk; “One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.”

Starting with President Clinton, the Democrat Party has been in decline as far as waste, corruption, and a lack of veracity. Perhaps the worst of all is the Marxist (they call themselves “Progressives.”) faction of the Party. Nancy Pelosi just ushered through the House perhaps the worst bill in American history. If it becomes law; Blacks, Browns, Asians, Women, all Americans will suffer with hyperinflation and many, many, many, other terrible effects.

Americans, let’s carry out the dreams and promises of America in these troubled and unreal times of; “De-fund the Police,” open inhumane borders, Afghanistan, inflation, racist/Marxist indoctrination of our children, gross incompetence, lack of Patriotism, and more.

Pray with me, if only for your first time!


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