I’ve had this important concept confirmed by a professional; that if one is honest with oneself and others, then, over time, your judgment improves. Since childhood, I have tried to pursue such a path.

I believe that the way that such an effort works is that our minds dwell mostly in our unconscious. If we fill our brains with honest thoughts, facts, and genuine knowledge – (quickly or eventually), valid predictions, analysis, interpretations, wonderful creative thoughts, and opinions emanate from our minds.

One of Gandhi’s Seven Deadly Sins was – “Education without principle.” Let’s seek to live our lives with character, principles, and wise values.

Perhaps learning by doing, honest thoughts, reading, working, conversing and apt listening deserve greater respect. (not just formal education, although I certainly value that too.)

We’re in this together, and our life journey, in my prayerful opinion, should be about cultivating (from birth), our mind, body, and “little piece of God.”

We’re ALL Children of God and loved by Him. The good news is that we can change, day by day, THANK GOD!

Yes, let us all give thanks to Almighty God for our opportunities and blessings on this Thanksgiving Day and throughout the rest of our lives. One of those vital blessings is the ability to be honest with oneself, others, and Almighty God!


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