Entitlement Trap

“President” Biden (?) and Democrats are on the verge of passing an unaffordable, huge, outrageous entitlements’ bloating. It’s aptly and dramatically opposed by two pieces on the Opinion Pages of “The Wall Street Journal” dated June 29, 2021. According to the Journal, “this is likely, and the biggest expansion of the entitlement state since the 1960s.’

The “Great Society” entitlements of the 1960s had much to do with destroying black families. The $2 trillion+ spending will put another large peg in the descent into unworkable socialism and right into the hands of Communist China, a “gift” derived from the China Virus and the fraudulent “elections” on November 3, 2020, and thereafter.

Stand up, Republicans and all Americans against this latest attack!

Display the Stars and Stripes for America and freedom! NON-VIOLENTLY!

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