The Communist Chinese Party

Xi (dictator of China), fancies himself as another Mao, (who was founder of the Communist Chinese Party and directly or indirectly responsible for about 100 million deaths among the Chinese people). Xi is now trying to alter the FACTS about Mao.

Such a goal for Xi is right in line with Xi’s “accomplishments,” the China Virus and the massive election/voter frauds in America. Xi pursues these and other dubious ends such as the imprisonment of about a million Muslims in China. Xi definitely has global ambitions for himself and China.

In literature Xi, Mao, and the Party might be perceived in “Animal Farm” and “1984.”

Xi has NO scruples and human life (other than his own), is cheap.

America, BEWARE!

Display the Stars and Stripes with abandon in a sheer burst of patriotism!


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