The Urgency of Reading “Animal House” and “1984”

Each day in America the Deep State is getting deeper and deeper. Propelled by China for decades; now, after the China Virus and fraudulent elections; this menace is coming full force in our USA. The two books noted above through the genius of George Orwell dramatically invoke a looming reality now.

America’s future and our own can now be seen in China under Xi, the extremely widespread cameras, connected to centers where artificial intelligence sorts them out-even in real time “policing” all manner of things, even the lack of a safety hat on a construction site. Social scores are kept on Chinese citizens with real-life consequences like getting or losing jobs.

Americans, Republicans, we must obtain genuine election integrity or Xi+ will rule like “Big Brother” in “1984,” here in America

Display those Stars and Stripes, proudly and freely!


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