The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) at 100

In “The EPOCH TIMES” dated June 30-July 6, 2021, an horrific history of the CCP is graphically presented in both narration and pictures.

“Highlights” include first some of Mao’s brutal, cruel, self-centered “rule” including the following (Mao was the first head of the CCP.):

  • Accusing rivals of being spies and purging them (about 10,000 CCP members at one point early in his dictatorship).
  • Torture of CCP members in such monstrous ways that I don’t want to convey such pain even in my words.
  • “Mao, in 1949, was accused of being a dictator and admitted it.
  • In 1958 Mao ordered peasants to make steel leading directly to the “Great Famine”…during which tens of millions died of starvation, from 1959 to 1961.”
  • “Across 13 provinces, there were 3000 to 5000 recorded cases of cannibalism.”
  • As many as 45 million died during “Mao’s Great Famine.”
  • During the Cultural Revolution initiated by Mao in 1966, “countless cultural relics, Temples, historical buildings, statues, and books were destroyed.” (Does this remind you of the summer of 2020 in America?)

Later, after Mao times, in April, 1989, came the largest protest the regime had ever seen. Then dictator Deng Xiaoping ordered what came to be called the “Tiananmen Square Massacre.” The military used tanks and “dum-dum bullets, which would explode inside the victim’s body.” To this day, the regime has refused to disclose the number killed in the massacre or their names, and heavily suppresses information about the incident.”

On July 20, 1999, Chinese began the persecution of 70-100 million practitioners of Falun Gong which have “moral teachings centered around rules of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance.” These Chinese were “fired from their jobs, expelled from schools, jailed, tortured, or killed. Organ harvesting was also meted out to them.

Ethnic people were suppressed in Tibet, Xinjiang, and Inner Mongolia.

In Xinjiang about a million, mostly Muslim, are now in what I call concentration camps akin to Hitler’s “rule.”

“Surveillance cameras were set up in Tibetan monasteries, and biometric data are collected in Xinjiang.”

It’s a real shame how Xi and the 92 million party members treat the 1.4+ billion Chinese people.  Of course, no one within the CCP is immune from Xi’s ruthless side. I’ve heard that he wants to be loved and feared, but perhaps absolute power is his prime motivation, like Mao.

I understand that Xi is in the process of trying to re-write the true history of Mao because he believes Khrushchev’s denouncement of the brutal nature of Stalin contributed to the downfall of the Soviet Union.

Yes, the Communist Chinese Party has a lot to hide about the last 100 years.

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