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Positive Values: Compassion

This value is essential on that path toward a Heaven on Earth.  It encompasses compassion directed inwardly, as well as for others.  Healthy self-esteem is important; without it, it’s difficult to have healthy compassion for others.  Compassion should be expressed in both our words and deeds.  Doing so will bring us closer to many of the elements of Heaven on Earth, including peace, racial harmony, spiritual harmony and gender harmony.  Compassion shown to animals and to the natural world in general, will benefit our goal of ecological harmony.

Positive Values: Peace

I often talk about peace as one of the elements of Heaven on Earth.  Generally, I refer to peace and security and how they relate to citizens within nations.

When speaking of positive values, I refer to a sort of personal inner peace.  Inner peace as an individual is similar to peace globally because they both require a balance of many parts.  Individually, each person of us has a mind, body and “little piece of God” since the dawn of humankind.  Balance in those three components is critical, yet only the beginning of achieving inner peace.

Our relationships with other people—just like nations’ relations with all the other nations—require honesty, truth, empathy and all the rest of the positive wisdom-associated values.

Positive Values: Cooperation

We need to learn how to work with other people, nations, corporations, etc. with goodwill, honesty and genuine empathy.  Thus, some values such as honesty and empathy reinforce other values much like some of the elements of a Heaven on Earth support other elements.  An example is spiritual harmony leading to greater peace and security.

Positive Values: Justice

I have come to believe that restorative justice rather than retributive justice is the proper path toward a Heaven on Earth.  We just cannot give up on anyone.  I don’t believe God turns away from anybody.  We must strive to empty the prisons while at the same time restoring all there to be productive, law-abiding and moral citizens.

Positive Values: Truth and Honesty

These values are so basic.  First, we must be honest and truthful about ourselves, something that is much harder than it appears on the surface.

Being honest and truthful with others is also quite important and difficult, too.  Why is it hard?  Too often one can say things that we know consciously or subconsciously the listener(s) wants to hear.  Politicians have a particular problem with these values because they are so often very dedicated to their own election or re-election.

Positive Values: Empathy

This is a wonderful value and I believe that it should be differentiated from sympathy.  Sympathy encourages victimhood; and if it involves something that is major in our lives– such as race–it can lead to wasted lives.

Adversity of all types can be overcome and in doing so an individual very well may gain the resilience to conquer other challenges in life.

Empathy encourages one to overcome obstacles and is a very positive value for both the giver and recipient.