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Scott Walker versus Hillary Clinton for President in the 2016 Election!

I support Governor Scott Walker in his re-election campaign as well as a candidate in 2016 for President.  Governor Walker is the son of an outstanding minister.  Scott had solid experience at the local level in Milwaukee, legislative level and is currently in his first superb term as Governor.

His accomplishments are partially and wonderfully contained in “Unintimidated.”

Scott is a superb leader, wise, honest, capable and courageous.  It’s not a matter of one thing he has done, but his whole public career of awesome feats.

Scott is a conservative in the mold of President Reagan.  He understands the political process, knows how to win – all important, and can help to reform our national government.

Yes, Scott is a reformer, just as President Reagan was.

Some cynics have given up on Washington and “the best way.”  We just can’t do that.  Skepticism of a healthy nature is fine, but we must not let the Democrats and President Obama or Secretary Clinton erode our freedoms and prosperity.

Instead, 2014 must, must, must be a turn toward reform in the nature of President Reagan.  One by one, reform by reform, we must invoke a new contract with America.

Who can say that the Democrats have brought prosperity to our nation?  After all is said, it is at the state level, in “red” states or Republican Governor states many times supported by Republican legislatures that have brought measures of prosperity to their states despite the negative waves from Washington.

Yes, it has been in spite of, and certainly not because of, that so many Republican states have done everything from improving education – adult as well as children; lowered taxes, thus stimulating individuals and businesses; and, quite significantly, brought fiscal discipline to their states.

The prescription that I recommend is more of the same in all 50 states, local governments,  and last, but certainly not least – our national government.

We can and we really must if we are to innovate as we must in this Innovation Age.

Courage is sorely needed in the national arena and I believe Governor Scott Walker has what it takes to lead our nation toward Heaven on Earth.

As to Secretary Clinton, I see her as a typical Democrat “folk hero” who really doesn’t have the local and state experience, or the character of Governor Walker – a Baptist minister’s son who has a serious record of public service and management skills and experience.

Much will be made of Secretary Clinton as her potential of being the first female President.  But I read a number of years ago, “The Case against Hillary Clinton.”  It was quite persuasive.

I believe her biggest problem is that of character.  The Presidency will be very difficult for her because she will face an almost impossible task of keeping up with what she told to various people.  Such a task is not so difficult for someone like Governor Walker who would be of an honest nature with all and would not have that additional stress.

Honesty is the best policy, for public servants as well as everyone else.

I don’t trust Secretary Clinton or President Obama.  In terms of the Presidency, he completely misled the American people on Obamacare and somehow he deserves to fall from the heights that the mainstream press has – quite undeservedly – placed him.

Trust is so critical to a stable, robust, prosperous democracy.  President Reagan was trusted and, thus, was quite effective not only economically, but also by foreign leaders, even behind the Iron Curtain.

Honesty from a Baptist minister’s son can help to cure this malady of Democratic “folk heroes” making.

In a democracy such as ours, we each of voting age have a role to play.

Scott Walker has the “Right Stuff” for Our Nation

I truly enjoyed my many readings of Governor Scott Walker’s book, Unintimidated.  His record as Governor of Wisconsin is impressive, demonstrating strength of character and principles, innovative positive actions, wisdom, honesty, and leadership.

All in all, I genuinely believe Governor Walker has “the right stuff” for re-election in Wisconsin and a winning Presidential run in 2016.  He has both local and state experience.  He was County Executive for Milwaukee County as he was re-elected three times with larger margins of victory each time.  He also served in the Wisconsin Legislature.

He learned at the local level how destructive public unions are—willing to accept layoffs of teachers, other workers, and higher taxes, just about anything to preserve their involuntary dues income.

Federal employees have some unions, but they have much more limited powers than many state and local unions.  But federal workers receive pay and benefits 16 percent higher than comparable pay in the private sector.  I believe that as president, Scott Walker would address both pay, redundancies and inefficiencies in our federal government; there are enormous savings that could be found in that endeavor.  But it takes courage and it must be done in a kind way, with outplacement services comparable to good citizen corporations.

Courage is in short supply for so many inside the Washington beltway.  Governor Scott Walker, like President Reagan, could provide courageous leadership toward heaven on earth.

We need to increase growth and opportunity in our nation.  Upward mobility is crucial.  Education, which Governor Walker understands, is one definite key in the 21st century.  Without education, upward mobility for most is stymied.  I understand that the budget for teachers’ unions nationwide is larger than that of the Republican and Democratic Parties combined.  But when collective bargaining rights of unions are taken away, as in Wisconsin and Indiana, schools are able to be run with the primary goal of maximizing student upward mobility, not the income of union bosses.

Secretary Clinton and President Obama are creatures of union support, in effect helping to destroy the upward mobility of students all over our nation.

Unions were once needed by workers who were abused by management.  But that time was decades ago.  It is possible to have responsible unions, but the record and effect of teacher unions has been disgraceful.  In the 21stcentury we must motivate and educate all our citizens, especially our youth of all races, to attain global-type capabilities.  Unions, especially teacher unions, are the enemy of upward mobility in the United States.

Governor Scott Walker has proven through death threats and national media calling him “Dead Man Walker” that he will stand up to unions and whatever else stands in the way of our nation’s journey toward heaven on earth.  As he essentially points out in his book, he is not anti-union, but he is pro-teacher, pro-student, pro-taxpayer, and pro-good government.

He states again and again that he respects public servants who concentrate on the next generation rather than the next election.  He also explains that those persons are much more apt to win the next election.

The march to Heaven on Earth is not without its challenges.  Governor Scott Walker has faced—with determination and strength—his share and more.  And he certainly shined.  He’s needed to continue his reforms in Wisconsin in one of the 50 laboratories of our democracy.  But on January 20, 2017, I hope and pray that he will be inaugurated as a Reagan-like President of the 21st century.  I see that in him, genuinely and sincerely.

And remember the legacy of President Reagan: a growth economy which enhanced the lives of so many in the middle class, lower class mobility and everyone else, and how his adroit bargaining, economic strength and military power led to the end of the Cold War, without firing a shot.  We have some of the similar challenges now, a difficult economy, radical Muslims, and Russian expansionism.

In our democracy we each have an important role to play in terms of voters.  I hope and pray that our electorate will discern the immense possibilities in electing Scott Walker.  I genuinely, deeply believe that he has the “right stuff” to propel us toward Heaven on Earth.  He has a rich and victorious electoral and accomplishment record at the local and state level.  He hasn’t been contaminated by the Washington beltway re-election disease.  He’s a courageous leader like President Reagan.

Yes, Republican, Democratic and independent voters should try to see through the mainstream press which is likely to attempt to destroy ANY Republican Presidential candidate despite the glaring character and other flaws of Secretary Clinton.

America doesn’t need a Democratic “folk hero” in 2016 or, for that matter, in other offices in 2014.

Continued Thoughts about Scott Walker

Scott Walker’s book, Unintimidated, displays the leadership needed in Wisconsin now and I wholeheartedly recommend him in his re-election fight in Wisconsin and for the Presidency, taking office in January, 2017.  He will do more wonders in Wisconsin and he can and will provide strong, reliable, honest, wise, and capable leadership in the Presidency.

I invite you to read this book.  It’s a gem, full of action and, more importantly, the “doing” statement of principle from Scott Walker.  My review of this book will soon be posted to my website.

Governor Walker is the son of a Baptist preacher, not a person of great wealth, but a person of great heritage.  He is a person of character, conviction, strength, and one you would be comfortable in almost any situation.  How do I know that?  I have read his book several times and he just “shines.”  He is the kind of person we want and need in the Presidency—wise, honest, capable—a person who is both pragmatic and one of principle.

Governor Scott Walker: A Wise, Capable and Honest Leader

Governor Scott Walker’s book, Unintimidated, is inspiring to me.  Governor Walker has strong, innovative experience at the local, state legislative and state executive levels.  He has and is making reform after reform.  We desperately need that sort of innovation in government at the federal level.  We Republicans must win—and win big—on a nationwide basis in 2014 in order to properly modify Obamacare, turn the budget around and make other necessary reforms.  Then in 2016, a strong and successful Republican ticket—possibly headed by Governor Walker—would allow serious innovation at the federal level, including kind, efficient, extensive, imaginative and creative actions.  Of course, to do that, Republicans in Congress have to be victorious in 2016, too.

We have our work cut out for us in 2014 and 2016 but there is a dire need to help the American people and bring back stability and order, and encourage freedom and democracies globally.  Prosperity is a major goal both domestically and internationally.  It is one of the ten elements of Heaven on Earth as I have conceived it.  And I believe Republicans can restore that and more.

President Reagan instituted economic policies that revolutionized our business sector and led to similar policies around the world, including China, with very successful outcomes.  The United States, initiated by President Reagan’s programs, proceeded on a twenty-five year growth path with dramatic and positive effects and opportunities for the American people.

It’s history which Democrats have tried to rewrite.

Now, I sincerely believe we need Republicans and Democrats in our fairly unique two-party system.  In China they have only one party.  That is not good and is detrimental to the freedom and liberty of the Chinese people.

But, at the same time, sovereignty is sovereignty and we need world order.  Eventually, we, the United States, ought to encourage people around the world to seek their own freedom, liberty and democracy within their own borders through nonviolent means.

Poverty breeds all sorts of bad things.  Free enterprise can help enormously and that is one of the prime reasons I oppose President Obama.  He just doesn’t understand or trust business and is philosophically opposed to it—unless he, in a third world way—can control it, especially BIG business.

I’ve seen the financial insides of all sizes of businesses.  What I’ve found is they are all just people—groups of people.  Profit is not a bad word, certainly not one of those many four-letter words invoked against Governor Walker as he went about reforming the state of Wisconsin.

Life is a struggle and none of us knows in depth the suffering of many, many people, with or without money, power and prestige.  Governor Walker certainly had a difficult time, as described in his book, Unintimidated.  But he was victorious, not just for himself, but more importantly for the people of Wisconsin and the example to our nations that Republican innovations and reforms can work wonders, including improving education, lowering property taxes, fully funding state pensions, the only such state in our country, lowering income taxes, fostering greater reemployment, and turning a deficit into a surplus without layoffs and austerity.

We need Governor Scott Walker in the presidency and that is why I am declaring my support so early.  First, re-elect him Governor of Wisconsin, and then help him march on to become the next President of the United States.  I sincerely believe Governor Scott Walker is the kind of leader that President Reagan was, a populist conservative who understands how to get results.