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Some Thoughts on Truthful Living

We must be ourselves, so it is much better to choose to be who we are – trying to be better all the time.  Throughout our lives trying, trying, and trying is so much an integral part of life, especially in that important part of attaining a measure of wisdom.

None of us – I’ll say that again – none of us – is everything that we’d like to be.  But trying – from Nelson Mandela to Gandhi – is so important to achieving our potential.

One by one, million by million, billion by billion, we all have a noble calling in this enormous challenge.

The world is crying out for heaven on earth.  The good news is more and more so much of it is attainable as never before.  Look at communications, trade and a real sense of oneness in our planet of many, many people.

We can and we must seek to enhance ourselves for this march of destiny.

I deeply believe that we are in The Innovation Age and that somehow, someway, Almighty God is guiding us forward toward The Spiritual Age – Heaven on Earth.

This will not be easy, but I believe it will be intensely rewarding to all – eventually.

We must:








as we climb that mountain of wisdom, critical to attaining Heaven on Earth.

Someone once stated that “No man [or woman] is an island.”  This is so true.  We each need to address the mysteries of ourselves, others and everyone else.

I don’t believe that we can “know ourselves.”  That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try.  But it is important not to lead a hedonic or superficial life.  Socrates stated something to the effect that the unexamined life is regrettable.  Let’s do better than that.

Love in all forms – romantic, parental, friendly . . . is so important to this march toward Heaven on Earth.  So are character, resilience and wisdom.  The reality of life is not easy.  A steady stream of success is probably not good in the long-term.

Yes, failure and bad events in one’s life can lead to wonderful results, as I think it has and will be in my many times troubled life.  But now is the time to rise up and realize my potential – as best I can.  Remember:  try, try, and try.  I will do that, too.  I tend to put a lot on my platter – even Heaven on Earth, not that I alone can do it, but perhaps I can and will inspire others – globally.

There is no doubt that my ambitions – for the good of all – are big.  But why not?  If one has a spiritual side at all, then the march toward Heaven on Earth must arouse an intense and beyond that a devout pursuit.

There are no “bit” parts on this ultimate journey toward Heaven on Earth.  We all have an important role to play.  Think about it.  Pray about it.  And then do something about it.

The future is all we have ahead of us.  We must take care that our actions, values and beliefs support a wonderful future not only for ourselves, but everyone else.

Our role in tomorrow is shaped by what we do today.  So, we must take care with what we do and say right now and also the future.  This may sound simplistic, but it is the most difficult part of life in many ways.

We are imperfect people shaped by imperfect parents, surrounded by imperfect people.  But somehow we must break out and seek a better life for ourselves and everyone else.  We can!  And we must!

Reality requires truth.  Can you say that your life reflects truth?


I wrote this essay around a year ago.  I had just finished reading the manuscript of Martin Rutte’s new book.  He honored me by referring to How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth, the book I edited, to which he contributed an essay, and naming the ten elements.  But even more gratifying, his next-to-last quote was one from me that a Heaven on Earth is “humankind’s natural destiny.”

We must reach toward that destiny with love, compassion and kindness—in all directions globally.  We must not fight to slice up the pie, materially and otherwise.  We must allow our little pieces of God to shine to all.  Pay it forward day by day, lifetime by lifetime.  There is no need or excuse for violence, except in self-defense, the eradication of genocide, and other serious atrocities.

We are all wired for kindness.  Let that potent force come out and be manifest in all our actions, to ourselves and others.  When we forgive others, we become better persons or nations ourselves.

We must engender wonder throughout humankind.  That’s not an easy task but it is a simple goal.  Perhaps many people in developed nations could put serious wonder in their lives and free themselves of greed and envy.

We must appreciate what we have and, if one’s means allow it, contribute to worthy causes, including the donation of one’s labor, mind and creations.

We have not yet reached a Heaven on Earth, but I have a firm conviction that God has that in store for us, somehow, sometime.  We must open our minds, bodies and little pieces of God within us to the concept, potential and goal of a Heaven on Earth.  The obstacles may be huge, but the opportunity is even greater.