Teaching Wisdom

By John E. Wade II / February 19, 2014 / Comments Off on Teaching Wisdom

It’s important for the future of our nation and the world that we educate our young in a neutral way so that as they mature they can become wise, capable and honest voters; and, in the process, elect leaders with those essential qualities.  Values are so necessary in the cultivation of the mind, body and…

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Humans Versus Technology

By John E. Wade II / January 7, 2014 / Comments Off on Humans Versus Technology

My calling is calling – not to dwell on what was or is, but rather on what can be.  Technology is going forward full speed ahead.  It is important that humankind grow, grow and grow in mind, body fitness and “little piece of God.” The future is all we have ahead of us.  We must…

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Being a Hero

By John E. Wade II / December 17, 2013 / Comments Off on Being a Hero

I have written before that there is a hero inside each of us and all of us.  I still believe that’s true.  Each of us and all of us must seek our calling(s) and during our lives those callings may change; for instance, one calling may be raising children.  Eventually those children become adults; and…

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Live Your Value

By John E. Wade II / December 2, 2013 / Comments Off on Live Your Value

The key to moving toward Heaven on Earth from the Innovation Age is human enhancement—especially the spread of the wisdom-associated values—and the shunning of the negative values, as enumerated by Copthorne MacDonald in his essay in my book, “How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth.”  In his essay, MacDonald explained that wisdom could be taught.  I believe…

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By John E. Wade II / November 26, 2013 / Comments Off on Gratitude

I wrote this blog just after I got home from Sunday school about a month ago.  The teacher ended saying, “We ought to focus on God.”  I disagree.  Almighty God and God within all of us is just incomprehensible to all of us.  But we can try, try, try to seek God’s calling(s) for us…

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The Wonder of Reading

By John E. Wade II / November 4, 2013 / Comments Off on The Wonder of Reading

I am now taking great pleasure in reading Charles Krauthammer’s new book, “Things That Matter.”  The title of the book is quite apt.     I’m just at the beginning and it’s so interesting and human that I relish my reading.  I’m also studying this work–as a writer–because it is a wonderful example of the art of…

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Imagination and the Innovation Age

By John E. Wade II / October 22, 2013 / Comments Off on Imagination and the Innovation Age

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” That statement is very true to the people who are in abject poverty.  They must live by their wits and their imagination.  Get them a Grameen micro loan—especially groups of women—and let their imagination, determination and persistence wipe out their poverty, for themselves and their children.…

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Negative Values: Revenge

By John E. Wade II / October 9, 2013 / Comments Off on Negative Values: Revenge

Revenge is closely related to hate.  Here again a wholesale campaign by all human entities can do wonders to end this negative value. We each have a role to play.  We must look in an honest way at ourselves.  Is there anyone in our lives whom we harbor the drive to exact revenge?  Looking inward…

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Negative Values: Envy

By John E. Wade II / October 8, 2013 / Comments Off on Negative Values: Envy

I think envy is a close relative of greed because most likely many who are greedy are that way because they are envious of others who have more fame, fortune or whatever they seek. President Obama used this negative value quite adroitly in his re-election campaign.  That is a very bad sign for America. But…

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Negative Values: Greed

By John E. Wade II / October 7, 2013 / Comments Off on Negative Values: Greed

This negative value is very much a matter of degree.  Seeking financial rewards for one’s family and oneself can be a very worthy pursuit.  But at some point—especially if a person uses unethical, immoral or illegal means—this worthy pursuit becomes greed. How do we help everyone to judge where that balance is in their own…

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