Negative Values: Greed

This negative value is very much a matter of degree.  Seeking financial rewards for one’s family and oneself can be a very worthy pursuit.  But at some point—especially if a person uses unethical, immoral or illegal means—this worthy pursuit becomes greed.

How do we help everyone to judge where that balance is in their own personal affairs?  Also, how do we combat the ones who practice this value?

Here again we must unite to praise those who are ethical, honest, moral and legal in their financial affairs.  We must unite in every human entity and encourage outstanding charities and other altruistic.  We should not be overly concerned about timing.  Bill Gates and Warren Buffett made their huge fortunes first, and then turned to philanthropy.

Others—myself included—want to contribute as I go along.  I still want to build a sizable estate so that my descendants can pursue altruistic ventures in their own time.  Also, I want to have the means to contribute to charities and such that I believe will bear fruit toward a Heaven on Earth.