The Wonder of Reading

I am now taking great pleasure in reading Charles Krauthammer’s new book, “Things That Matter.”  The title of the book is quite apt.    

I’m just at the beginning and it’s so interesting and human that I relish my reading.  I’m also studying this work–as a writer–because it is a wonderful example of the art of writing.  As I’ve said before, knowledge and human adacement is  very important in order for humankind to stay ahead of the advancements in technology.   Atificial intelligence is on its way.  Reading, which to me is a very enjoyable pursuit, can allow us to keep leaping ahead.    

Each one of us in free countries can read whatever we select, providing, of course, that we are literate and ambitious in the field of self illumination.  “Things That Matter” is a wonder waiting for all in free nations, certainly in the United States.

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