Humans Versus Technology

My calling is calling – not to dwell on what was or is, but rather on what can be.  Technology is going forward full speed ahead.  It is important that humankind grow, grow and grow in mind, body fitness and “little piece of God.”

The future is all we have ahead of us.  We must take care that humankind does not allow technology to “outrace” us.   I just found out today that there is a robot that can outrace the fastest human on earth.  We have seen so many of the unskilled jobs erode and even more of that looms in the future.

But “knowledge” jobs and “people” jobs should do well because I just don’t envision technology “taking over our planet.”

“Big Blue” won one chess game from the world champion human, but the champion won the match.  We must all think of ourselves as in a race, not just in terms of knowledge, but in terms of wisdom and values – improving ourselves, children, spouses, and in our own way – everyone else.

We each have a role of reaching for Heaven on Earth, one by one, million by million and billion by billion.