Think! Think! Think!

I’ve read that daydreaming is a form of creative thinking. Of course, I hasten to add that such a practice at a time when one needs to listen is not advisable.

However, many times such as this very moment with me, a wandering, pondering, ruminating, reverent mind can be inventive and fruitful.

It’s so very comforting to be at ease with one’s own mind and heart and not dependent on unceasing stimuli from whatever sources to surround us. Some would call this “being comfortable in one’s own skin.”

That is part of it and it’s a lifelong work in progress to achieve mindfulness.

It’s part of my cry to seek wisdom from birth. That’s a tall order, yet it is a wonderful adventure to explore.

Who knows? Maybe your daydreams can result in merit, excellence, quality, superiority, character, integrity, honor, virtue, value, and accomplishment of meaningful purposes.

Who knows?

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