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Love will unite us on our quest for Heaven on Earth

Let’s abolish hate, once and for all.

The underlying negative values of hate, envy, greed and selfishness are at the base of humankind’s problems.  We need to engender the positive values.   Wisdom, truth, resilience, the stuff of character, must be sought and developed from within and without.  Humankind must learn to treat itself and all creations in a kind, compassionate and loving manner.

Love has a way of making life joyful.

The United States must show the planet and help all to end poverty.  Everyone won’t be “rich,” but all will have what they need and be grateful for not only their material blessings, but also their spiritual ones, too.  This will require people of different faiths to unite—not in beliefs—but in values and deeds.

Just like President Reagan said, “It won’t be easy, but it will be simple.”

Work will not disappear, but over time become more enjoyable for all.  Careers will be built, not with everyone on “top,” but with all being appreciated.

Learning how we humans work—mind, body and little piece of God—can allow enormous progress toward a Heaven on Earth.  Each of us and all of us has an important role in this ultimate march of destiny.

Continued Thoughts on Syria

It is my continued judgment that military action in Syria is not advisable.  Perhaps we should continue to arouse worldwide reproach toward the despicable dictator of Syria.  And all his supporters should be utterly ashamed of themselves.

Military actions should become less and less prevalent in the 21st century.  Civilizations have simply outgrown that barbaric behavior.  We need to trade with each other and embrace globalization (commerce, communication and travel throughout the globe).

Hate is the product of deep-seated anger and is a very negative value.  Hate, envy, greed, revenge and selfishness are values that must be “cured,” globally.  Between nations, these negative values are particularly terrible because they can invoke havoc on millions.  Our civilizations of the 21st century can and, I think, will do better.

Our role as world citizens is to reflect deeply on what Gandhi stated, “Violence begets violence.”  I wholeheartedly agree.  Kindness begets kindness is my response and I’m confident that Gandhi would agree, as would Martin Luther King, Jr.

The United States should not rush to military action against Assad.  But we should apply every pressure we can and hope and pray others will join us—including especially—Russia.  Perhaps Putin is trapped within the twentieth century, but I hope and pray that he will awaken to the bright hope of the twenty-first century.

A Message about the Syrian Crisis

The White House has said that the use of military force is still a possibility.  On my website,  I now have a letter to President Obama and Congress concerning my alarm at the Syrian crisis.   We, the American people, must draw our red line in the sand and not let President Obama and Congress drag us into another Middle East war.  We can and we must.  A lasting worldwide peace is apparent to me in the not-too-distant future.

But peace requires wisdom, by our President and Congress.  We must not lapse into emotional military actions.  We must reach out in a positive way to the Syrians.

Everyone, President Obama, Congress, all Americans and all world citizens must think!  Think!  Think!  What is our goal?  Is it worthwhile and what are our risks?  Wars are very uncertain and have many unintended consequences.  This Syrian crisis is no different.

I don’t object to a show of force.  I do greatly disagree with a military response to the gassing of civilians.  Let’s be positive in our action.  Let’s be wise.  Let’s be knowledgeable.  If we really think about it, we won’t respond militarily, but instead help the Syrian refugees – not only with government help, but also with private assistance such as Doctors without Burdens.

There’s already been much killing in the Middle East.  Let’s head in a different direction, the road less travelled so far in human history.  The future is all we have ahead of us.  We must take care to guard it from impetuous military actions.

A Definite Lack of Trust of President Obama

It is no secret that I have not been pleased with our current president.  However, I no longer have any trust in President Obama.
    He ran for the presidency twice proclaiming that he would end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Now–at a time when he should be pulling our military further out of dangerous situations–he wants to risk gravely another war in Syria.  I just don’t trust his words, deeds and motives.  And, neither should you.

Why Not Help Rather Than Kill?

Why don’t we think outside the military box in Syria?  Why don’t we help Syrian refugees in every way possible–our government and others, private entities like Doctors Without Borders, a world-wide positive nonviolent effort.  This would be a much more humane endeavor than a risky unilateral military strike by the United States.  It would be like the Marshall Plan after World War II–contrasting greatly with the use of chemical weapans and other warfare against civilians.

Every Life is Precious: More Thoughts on Syria

I wrote this while at the National World War II Museum here in New Orleans.  A friend and I went through the “Final Mission” serving as crew members on the United States’ most successful submarine.  We also saw “Beyond all Boundaries,” the powerful, powerful presentation of World War II narrated by Tom Hanks.

This was a heinous war – in the twentieth century, resulting in hundreds of millions of deaths – more civilians that combat deaths.

The twenty-first century must be different.  Gandhi certainly pointed us in the right direction.  It’s time for all of us to understand and believe that God made each of us and all of us with a mind, body and a “little piece of God.”  We are all world citizens and children of Almighty God.  This even pertains to the dictator Assad.  But that does not mean Assad should be allowed by those around him to kill other world citizens

Every world citizen on our planet has a mind, body and “little piece of God.”  Thus, we must love and respect ourselves and others.  Non-violence, reason, wisdom, truth, kindness – the positive values must overcome the negative values of selfishness, revenge, hate, greed and envy.  Remember, more civilians than combatants lost their lives in World War II, although each life was precious.  That pertains to those people in the Damascus suburb who lost their lives to chemical means.  It’s sad, very sad.

But will more killing bring them back?  Should we seek revenge – or – instead launch an all-out media and diplomatic attack on Assad (the villain extraordinaire in this real-life drama).  We have a longing for others to value us and they also seek to be validated.  So, each life is precious.

Assad should be stopped, but by modern means, not primitive killing.  I’m coming to believe an all-out public relations and diplomatic offensive against Assad and anyone who supports him is exactly what Gandhi would  do if in charge.  Perhaps President Obama’s decision to turn this matter over to Congress – which by law he should do – is the best approach.

We – all world citizens – need to think long and hard about the use of any kind of military action.  Two of my heroes are the greatest President in my lifetime – President Reagan – and the father of India – Gandhi.  Both President Reagan and Gandhi made stupendous advances with little loss of life.  We should emulate them in terms of trying to proceed in the 21st century with little or no violence.  But we have a big impediment in trying to use President Reagan’s approach of military power forcing peaceful gains – we and the developed world are far too leveraged with debt and obligations to use that method.

Burt the United States has an enormous movie and media industry that can spread the word of what happened in Syria from the beginning to now.  Let’s roll – I call on that industry to do what they did with my favorite film – Gandhi.

Do it – and do it now!

This is not a left or right issue.  This is a human issue, one humanity

We have over seven billion people on earth right now.  Why should we care about the ones killed by this terrible dictator?  Let me ask you.  Do you value your own life?  Do you have a sense of understanding that the twentieth century was full of warfare?  We long for a better world, Heaven on Earth.

I believe Almighty God fully intends for that to come to fruition.  But we must do our part, all of us, all world citizens.  I sincerely believe we can because of my deep beliefs in God’s enduring, steadfast love.

Faith is important.  But regardless of your beliefs, if you have values that guide you to do and say the right thing – I believe you are also on the path to a Heaven on Earth.  We all need to seek that ultimate path.

We do not want the world’s attention to be riveted on America’s unilateral action against Syria.  We want all to focus on Assad’s in-home actions.

Letter to President Obama and Members of Congress

Dear President Obama and all Members of Congress:
        Foreign policy and control of our military are key functions of our federal government.
    Quite frankly, I am very alarmed at the situation in Syria, particularly after I found out that Russia has furnished the following arms to Syria:
        > Advanced anti-ship cruise missiles
        > Long-range air defense missiles
        > And a lot of other assistance including cash
    Personally I have high hopes and prayers that globalization, the G-20, the United Nations and modern wisdom/knowledge/technology can usher in lasting
world peace.
    Instead of military action toward Syria, let’s help the millions of Syrian refugees in and out of the country.  That’s a positive and wise action.  Also, our government will not have to do it all.  Organizations like Doctors without Borders, other nations and individuals could participate.
    We need to think outside the military box.  This is the 21st Century and the wars of the past ought not to be repeated.
    Let’s roll–thinking deeply for world peace toward heaven on earth!

John E. Wade II

A Dangerous Situation

I just read on Yahoo! Finance that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin came right out at the G-20 meeting and said Russia had been supplying arms to Syria and will continue doing so.  Even more alarming was the particular list of arms.  It included advanced anti-ship cruise missiles, fighter jets, and long-range air defense missiles.  Russia has also supplied lots of cash.
    Please Congress: Do something positive for the Syrians such as providing aid to Syrian refugees in and out of the country.  Private citizens and charitable groups of all kinds could do the same.
    Let’s avoid another war.  It’s such a primitive way to try to settle anything.
   Follow this link to read even more about Russia’s involvement:

Think! Think! Think!

What is the wise thing to do as far as this serious crisis in Syria?  More killing?  Name calling–labeling people as hawks or doves?  Please!  Think more deeply than that–and I mean President Obama, those in Congress, American citizens and all world citizens, even Assad.
    Revenge is a negative value–one to be shunned.  None of those gassed will be brought back to life by military action by the United States, especially ill-advised if we act unilaterally.  And there can be no assurance that military action by us now will prevent the use of chemical weapons in the future, for instance by Russia.
    The United States must stand for positive wisdom-associated values: empathy toward the millions in distress in Syria, particularly the five million refugees within Syria and the two million outside of that suffering nation; truth and honesty through the world media to all world citizens concentrating not on retribution, but rather the terrible gassing of civilians; justice of a restorative nature rather than a retributive; cooperation by all world citizens to bring this whole Syrian debacle to a peaceful and compassionate conclusion with patience and world opinion, I emphasize-by Syrians; universal well-being in reaching out to those living in Syria and those refugees outside of that nation; and creativity in seeking non-military solutions, especially in the public debates.  This should not boil down to military action or not; instead, use creativity outside of military action.  Lastly, let’s learn a whole lot more about Syria.
    There are negative values also at play in this Syrian drama.  Assad is obviously extremely selfish and most probably filled with hate, greed, envy and revenge.  But we do not have to sink to his level.  Again, revenge will not bring back the dead victims or guarantee the absence of such weapons in the future.
    We should reach to our most creative minds; not just in the United States, but throughout the globe, for non-military solutions.  We must focus–not just shoot!  Our nation must conduct our affairs–especially those involving life and death through military action–with deep wisdom.  We should not just focus on the military considerations.  There are economic consequences too–some that may be life and death for abjectly poor world citizens.    Let’s be creative.  Remember what Gandhi said, “Violence begets violence.”  I say, “Kindness begets kindness.”
   We should reach out to all the Syrian refugees and help them.  That would be a compassionate act.  This reminds me of Hurricane Katrina and the help so many private citizens and spiritual entities gave to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast following that catastrophe.  Thanks again to all of you.  Let’s reach out–within and without the government–to help these Syrian refugees.  Nonviolence works much better than bombs.  Apply the same logic as was applied to the “refugees” of Katrina–reach out and offer aid again.
   Hatred must be dissolved by love.  That may sound sappy, soft and cowardly; but what does one promote, hatred and revenge?  I am a truth-seeker, and I implore the citizens of the world to join me in this quest.  Truth seeking, that’s all I ask.  But I realize that may be a lot if one is used to labeling, something that is happening constantly in ALL our media.  We all have a role–all world citizens–to go to the aid (humanitarian aid) of the Syrian refugees.  To me, that–especially in terms of numbers–is far more important and much less dangerous that military action by us.
   Let’s act like we did after World War II, helping–not killing.  The Marshall plan was so effective in assisting the developed world back to prosperity.  Then, in the 1980s, President Reagan with charm, style and very understated intelligence did so much.  What would President Reagan do now?  I believe he would proceed along the more peaceful path that I am recommending.
    Our role is not to be bystanders.  We are all world citizens and need to seek the truth, all the truths in Syria.  Politics and personalities should be put aside in life and death military actions, particularly in democracies.


The following three urgent items are the most crucial for the United States and the world:
    > Global warming and climate change:  We must search desperately for the answers which aren’t clear now.  But the seas are rising.
    > Far too much government debt and obligations in Japan, Europe and the United States:  Political will is essential and continuing inaction will be disastrous to world-wide prosperity.
    > The hundreds of millions of radical Muslims:  We must form an international alliance of all non-Muslim nations and strongly back moderate Muslims as they hopefully and prayerfully will courageously confront the radical Muslims in the Mosques and elsewhere.
    I just don’t see how military action in Syria helps in any of these areas of highest priority.  In fact it may lead to enormous costs that exacerbate debt, especially in the United States.  This is not a matter of personalities, President Obama, Senator McCain or anybody else.  These are the key strategic priorities that everyone should keep in mind.