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Obama’s Hidden Agenda

I have reviewed five books after reading them first from cover to cover and then returning to the key sections two or three times.  I feel that I have a very good grasp of the campaign, as well as the economy, having read several books on that topic multiple times.  My studied advice is simple—elect Governor Romney, Congressman Ryan and a host of Republicans at all levels.

President Obama is a deeply-flawed person, abandoned by his father before birth and his mother at age ten.  But his dream for America is unlike that of just about everyone in our previously-prosperous nation.  He is not the typical liberal, such as Presidents Clinton and Carter, for his mind was shaped by the myth of his father, created by his mother and grandparents as well as a series of other anti-colonialist, anti-American individuals.

His hidden agenda is to bring our nation down to the level of third world countries.  And he can do it to a large extent, but in the process I believe he will create a worldwide depression.

I have a vision for the world, that of a Heaven on Earth.  A downward spiral in our economy and that of the world does not fit into my vision of peace, security, freedom, democracies, prosperity, spiritual harmony, racial harmony, ecological harmony and health, as well as moral purpose and meaning.

Peace and security, as well as freedom and democracies, are linked to prosperity.  The number of people in abject poverty in the world—surviving or trying to survive on less than a dollar a day—will be multiplied and millions lost if we reelect President Obama.  His form of anti-Americanism and anti-colonialism attacks the “rich,” defined as the top one percent worldwide, those with incomes of $34,000 per year.  His continued “leadership” would spell disaster for the poor and middle classes in the United States and worldwide.

But in our robust and stable democracy we can choose to avoid this calamity.  Governor Romney is a moral, genuine, wonderful alternative.  He needs other Republicans to support him to avoid the dangerous waters that President Obama has created primarily by inaction, blaming and distraction.  Our role as voters is clear.  We must discern that Governor Romney represents a wise, capable and honest candidate, and we should not vote out of “white guilt,” hate, envy or greed.

Remember, the poor and middle classes will be hurt the most by a Democratic victory, especially in the presidential race, but in other elections as well.

I see President Obama as the worst president in my lifetime, even worse than Presidents Nixon and Carter.  At least they were trying to help our nation rather than hurt it.

Don’t underestimate the con man aspect of President Obama.  He has gotten this skill honestly from his father, who engaged in impersonating important people on a number of occasions.

The world needs for us to make the right decision in this election.  President Obama has his hidden agenda and is intent on driving our country down, regardless of his smooth “packaging.”  He is conducting himself as a third-world dictator, living in an extraordinary fashion, with seventeen vacations and over one hundred rounds of golf during his tenure.

Do not be fooled a second time!

Fool me once with promises of hope and change—no red states or blue states, only the United States, followed by extremely partisan politics, shame on President Obama.

Fool me twice, shame on me—a terrible economy, especially for the young, poor and middle class, minorities and small businesses.  Let’s not be fooled twice because a second term for President Obama will be even worse than the first:  a worldwide depression including real unemployment for twenty-five percent of workers, and/or high inflation.

We must take care to elect Governor Romney, who has the determination, mindset and proven skills to lift us from this dangerous and poor economy that isn’t providing the jobs for our people.  Governor Romney knows in great depth how jobs are created, maintained and how they are lost.  He also, from his fifteen years at Bain Capital, knows how to handle debt.

President Obama is a slick, slick, slick con man, but we must not let him fool us twice, as our country, our people and the world depend on his not being reelected.  One term in the presidency is more than enough affirmative action.  We simply can’t afford another term for President Obama.

The book Obama’s America is quite revealing and shocking, considering the polls that tend to show President Obama in the lead for reelection.  I now believe President Obama’s whole life has been full of strong anti-colonial and anti-American influences, mostly from his mother on.

We have a slick, slick, slick con man gathering voters despite a terrible record on economics, employment and business that, in my opinion, will be much worse if he wins a second term.  He wants to drag us down rather than what Governor Romney wants—to raise us up.  And, in my opinion, the world, to a great extent, will follow us, whichever direction we go.

Up or down, for the United States and the world.  We will be poor or prosperous; we will have peace and security or war and insecurity.  That seems like a simple choice, but the con man is hard at work clinging to the presidency so he can complete his “work.”

We must seek the truth, even though it may be difficult for many to discern the truth in the con man, because truth is not something that concerns him.  He believes he is on a mission of anti-“rich,” anti-colonialism and anti-Americanism and the means justifies the end.

President Obama is a deeply-flawed person, abandoned by his father before birth and by his mother at the age of ten for her career (both parents being anti-American and anti-colonialist).  He’s had a series of anti-American “mentors” since the age of ten.

The role of our voters—white and black, Hispanic, Asian or any other or combination—is not to vote race, but to cast our ballot for the better candidate to head the country for the next four years.  I predict a dismal future, by design and circumstances, if President Obama is reelected.

But if Governor Romney and a host of Republicans at all levels are elected, we have a chance, a good chance.  If the elections go the other way the result will be simply dismal, for our country and the world.

Obama is Anti-American

It is becoming clearer and clearer to me that President Obama is totally unsuitable for a second term, a much greater liability than President Carter would have been had he been reelected in 1980.  At least President Carter was trying to help our country and was a moral, truthful president.

I believe just about nothing that comes out of the White House these days.  Remember the old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”  Our country’s electorate should keep that in mind when voting, and not to be fooled a second time.

Barrack Obama, Sr. was a liar, an anti-colonialist, a drunkard, and a deserter of the future president and his mother.  Ann Obama, in spite of the facts, glorified her former husband, because primarily they were both anti-colonialist and anti-American.  The young Barrack Obama was abandoned by his father even before he was born, and by his mother when he was ten.  A friend of his said President Obama’s outlook was not because of his color, but because of having been abandoned by both his mother and father.

His world view is totally unlike most Americans of any race.  And it matters.  He is anti-American and anti-capitalist and yet he is our president.  We have the power to change that in our robust, stable democracy.  But our prosperity is fragile and, by 2016 under a second term, may be gone.

I no longer blame President Obama’s reckless handling of our economy on his incompetence.  Although I do not think he is competent in skills or mindset to lead us forward as Governor Romney can and President Reagan did, I blame his reckless, passive, egotistical attitude, which is part and parcel of an anti-business, anti-American, anti-colonial mindset.  This is not the liberalism of President Carter or President Clinton.

This is the mindset of a con artist, one who spoke of no red or blue America, but a United States of America, a time of hope and change.  So, he fooled us once.  But look at his record.  We now have a $16 trillion national debt, about $51,000 per citizen after he presided over a $5 trillion increase.

We are headed for a currency crisis, huge inflation and/or low or no growth and/or deflation as we experience and in effect promote through President Obama a worldwide depression.  We must turn from this path.

This economic crisis hurts the poor and middle class the most.  But President Obama really doesn’t care about that.  His brand of anti-Americanism aims at the “rich” but really doesn’t help the poor, such as his family in Kenya; he said he would help the school there but didn’t.  His low level of charitable contributions has been noted in the media.

We are in a very dangerous time.  This is not like any other election that we have experienced in our lifetimes.  Never have we had an anti-American president running for reelection.  President Obama is slick, but his character flaws are readily apparent if you study his record, especially the difference between what he promised and what he delivered.  His tally comes up amazingly short, especially with regard to jobs, the economy, onerous regulation, tax ideas which are completely wrong in this economy, and a total failure to address all the enormous fiscal problems of our nation.

It’s important to understand that this is not an ordinary election, not merely a contest between a Democratic president and a Republican Governor.  It is a race between an incumbent who has done great harm to our country so far and will do much more with another four years and a candidate who is a moral, academically talented person, who also had a twenty-three-year business career, turned around the fiscal mess attached to the 2002 Olympics, and the Massachusetts governorship.

It’s like an anti-American running against an all-American.  Let’s hope and pray that the all-American wins, and is backed by Republican victories at all levels.

The Debate

I thought, as did a lot of other people, that Governor Romney did a wonderful job in the debate last night.  He used one phrase that I thought was particularly effective:  ‘“trickle- down government.”  That’s exactly President Obama’s point of view.

Governor Romney came across as a person with a deep understanding of our economy, how jobs are created and maintained, and why they are lost.  He also understands business with great depth, as well as the importance of government to facilitate businesses rather than hamper them with repressive, mindless taxes and regulations.

Governor Romney had a moral tone, as if he is fully aware that we must remove President Obama before he does more damage, such as enabling a worldwide depression.

I hope and pray that Governor Romney’s superb debate will give his whole campaign and that of fellow Republicans a jump start of momentum to carry through on this crucial election.