The $3.5-honestly scored-$5+ TRILLION bill must be killed BEFORE Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and UNKNOWNS apply the sticks and carrots one by one to Democrats. This legislation is hyper-inflationary, anti-work, and will destroy a stable, proven, tax system.

It’s another HUGE negative like Afghanistan and our Southern border.

Sensible funding of climate change research is in order. Bill Gates’s superb book, “How To Avoid A Climate Disaster,” emphasizes the extensive need for innovation, over and over and over again.

The V-shaped recovery and free enterprise is responding to climate change in a big way as per “The Economist,” August 21st, “Climate tech’s Netscape Moment.” The article quotes a gentleman of Breakthrough Energy Ventures, “In climate tech, everything is hard.” Then the piece ends with this; “everything, that is, except raising capital.”

Free enterprise has a profit motive and is simply not deeply vulnerable to the waste, corruption, and incompetence of this monster bill.

Election integrity in ALL 50 states is an urgent, top priority.

Stars and Stripes with bravery, resilience, and patriotism for AMERICA!


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