I know that a hurricane is approaching and I’m prepared for it.

The imposter Biden ignored one of the elementary rules in military actions; that the use of overwhelming force reduces casualties. “The Wall Street Journal” dated August 27, 2021, has an Opinion piece entitled “The Kabul Airport Massacre.” We had 12 American service deaths with more than 100 murdered at the airport. These are more American military deaths “…than all of 2020 when thousands of U.S. troops were in the country advising Afghan forces.”

Further, “The obligation of a President is to provide force to execute a mission and protect the troops carrying it out.”

In my opinion, this withdrawal under the President that Americans ELECTED would have been orderly with the minimum loss of life and vital equipment.

America is in dire need of election integrity in ALL 50 states. I simply do NOT believe those poorly governed Democratic cities and states are, in reality, as blue as their “election counts” show. Otherwise, why should they have so many persons leaving (voting with their feet)?

Stars and Stripes FOR America!


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