Sixteen years ago, Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. Hopefully and prayfully, such will not be the case with Ida, and it seems that to be the case now.

I do not understand God, nor do I think anyone else does either.

I have been brought up as a Presbyterian and my faith goes back to a gentle, kind, Sunday school teacher, Mrs. Cecil Wall, who taught me that God is love. That has stuck with me, particularly since 1998, as my faith broadened and deepened.

I do not believe God brings on such things as hurricanes, but that he allows them to happen. I think an unintended consequence of humankind’s prosperity is climate change. Yet, with tremendous sustained hard effort, my optimism, faith, and study leads me to believe that somehow humankind will overcome that high hurdle.

I believe Almighty God created each of us and all of us with a mind, body, and a “little piece of God.” Thus, we are all children of God since the dawn of humankind. He loves us with an enduring, steadfast love.

We are all on a spiritual journey whether we recognize it or not.

I am reminded of the Soviet Union dictator, Stalin; ranting and raving on his death bed. How pitiful, a ruthless control freak who finally had to face his own mortality without the comfort of any faith. Also consider, Stalin is the “hero” of Xi, the now-dictator of Communist China.

Faith is a God-send. Prayer, particularly if accomplished on a regular basis, aids us; as do spiritual leaders, teachers, and fellow persons of faith.

Being kind to oneself and others can help guide us to the joy of life. Meaning and purpose is also important.

We all have a calling(s) in life which may change as time goes by; such as raising children, pursuing a profession, or meeting our many challenges without victim-hood or malice.

Seeking wisdom from birth is a puzzle for all of us. Recently a professional friend quickly confirmed this thought that I had; If one is honest with oneself and others, then, over time, one’s judgement improves. I think that if one is a frequent liar, then one’s judgement can be tremendously impaired.

It seems somewhat odd. My first hurricane, which turned out to be a mere blip, perhaps disturbed me the most. Fortunately, I evacuated early from Hurricane Katrina and escaped significant damage, unlike many. Now, as winds have already touched, I am quite calm and serene; what will be will be.

In reality, we’re all in God’s loving hands, hopefully and prayfully, forever.

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