The Reckless Democrats!

According to “The Wall Street Journal” Opinion today, July 15, 2021, a huge multi-trillion dollar Senate budget resolution is being rushed through as “The Sanders Democrats Go For Broke!” This contains an expansion of Medicare that “…will expand automatically without an annual appropriation from Congress.”

This extra entitlement comes in the face of “Trustees [that state] in their annual report [that Medicare] will already start to run out of money as early as 2024.” These irresponsible Democrats want to ram through additions to Medicare while being totally ambivalent to the drastic consequences.

Just remember or find out about the years under President Carter, a good gentleman, but as president, he presided over stagflation (high inflation and high employment) as well as stupendous interest rates.

This ridiculous spending and ruining of the Trump/Republican tax laws (which worked so well for blacks, browns, Asians, women, and the American people) could and would bring disaster to America!

The Op/Ed’s conclusion is; “The only chance Republicans have to stop the $4.1 trillion Sanders/Pelosi agenda is to make the public case against it and force Democrats on Capitol Hill to take sole responsibility for the consequences if they pass it.”

In my opinion, America’s prosperity and the dollar are in grave jeopardy!

Display the Stars and Stripes for the United Sates and think of how we stormed the beaches of Normandy!

In this time, Americans must fight NON-VIOLENTLY!

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