My Heart is with the Cuban People

Having made a number of trips to Cuba; once holding an 8-day hunger strike for Cubans, and having observed the shameful state of the ordinary people there, I deeply care about the sixty+ years that they have suffered under the cruel “Communist/Socialist” dictatorships.

The United States of America must NOT allow outside military/weapons or other interventions into Cuba to hurt the Cuban people in ANY way!

Such a policy would be in line with the Monroe Doctrine originated in America’s early history (rejection of foreign powers in the Americas and Caribbean) or when President John F. Kennedy imposed a naval blockage to force the Soviet Union to remove missiles from Cuba.

May all Americans and people everywhere pray for the Cuban people in their hour of enormous need. All must come to realize the sad fact that those souls have been under a very punishing yoke for much too long. Everything from food shortages, China Virus problems, propaganda, treatment beyond the bounds of decency and freedom, and much worse has transpired. The people have been in the streets while risking all. Enough is enough is enough!

In South Africa, Nelson Mandela ended the violence there by calling on the people to forgive their oppressors and for the regime to forgive the violent people. It worked. Democracy began.

Mr. Mandela became President including votes from his fellow blacks. This is not a perfect analogy because the Cubans were stripped of weapons long ago. And I don’t know if Cuba has a popular leader to negotiate with the regime.

               NON-VIOLENCE must prevail as ALL Cubans UNITE in a peaceful manner with kindness and forgiveness, certainly NOT like the violence invoked against those in Venezuela and definitely not with ANY foreign powers!

               I understand that during D-Day, deep in the night in America, during the storming of the Normandy beaches, patriots in America gathered in their places of worship.  It was a time of tremendous uncertainty as the allies had no plan B. The spiritual support flowed in a poignant manner and we prevailed.

               Now is such a time for Cuba as their citizens muster their courage against all odds.

               PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! And let the Cubans gain their FREEDOM without outside interference!

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