I believe the federal elections on ELECTION DAY, November 3, 2020, and subsequently have been flawed.

According to the American Constitution, state legislatures are charged with the duty of defining the execution of federal elections.

In my opinion, the six states in the Navarro Report as well as all other states nationwide should undergo forensic audits of House, Senate, and Presidential/Vice Presidential elections conducted on ELECTION DAY, November 3, 2020 and subsequent federal elections, including the January, 2021, senatorial elections in Georgia.

As to the future, in my opinion, all 50 state legislatures should examine closely the best practices of Canada, France, and Germany to understand how they conduct their paper ballot elections including how they count and compile them; in order to reach honest, fair, and lawful results.

It is imperative to our Republic to restore our American people’s belief in elected self-government.

Display the Stars and Stripes in patriotic tribute to America!


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