My fellow Americans, my fellow Republicans, we MUST face reality; that the November 3, 2020, elections were a massive election/voter fraud. Even more horrendous than that; it is my conclusion that America will never, ever have fair, honest, and legal elections in the future (unless we ACT now.)

The Democratic “leaders,” (whoever they are,) are totally aware of their ridiculous lies and actions. Why do they blatantly function in this manner?

It’s clear that they completely believe, as I fear, that America will NEVER have free, fair, honest, and legal elections again. That’s also why from November 3, 2020, to the present, the Democrats and others have adamantly opposed forensic audits and counts which were always available to meet legal and Constitutional mandates.

We must have forensic audits and counts NOW and proceed with RELENTLESS INNOVATION to Save our Republic.

Display the Stars and Stripes to show all that patriotism is alive and well in America. NON-VIOLENTLY!

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