Be Not Afraid

With the Democrats having eked out a fraudulent “election,” there is an ongoing assault on our Republic!

Republicans and ALL thoughtful Americans must rally around the cry for RELENTLESS INNOVATION!

Open borders are totally inhumane, illegal, especially horrendous for black and brown American citizens, and rife with crimes of every conceivable sort.

Innovative ideas must prevail; Hillsdale College; a peace academy; school choice; clean, safe, standard smaller nuclear power plants with low land use and near cities, on-site storage of waste or reprocessing waste (used for 70 percent of France’s power with zero emissions); green solutions WITHOUT waste and corruption; sane fiscal policies devoid of rampant currency risks, inflation, stagflation, self-defeating taxes with crushing regulations. Republican PRACTICAL ideas such as these are crucial.

Most of all, I hope and pray for election integrity in ALL 50 states. Root out each and every corrupt secretary of state and other officials that oppose free, fair, and legal elections, the cornerstone of our Republic. Paper ballots are far cheaper than voting machines and are used in Canada, France, and other developed and developing countries.

Present the Stars and Stripes as we salute all the good things that America stands for; NON-VIOLENTLY!

Be not afraid!    

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