Raise the American Flag for Freedom!!!!

Republicans, Independents, thoughtful Democrats, all responsible Americans: raise the American flag or some other such patriotic symbol. This can demonstrate our non-violent commitment to election integrity in our republic – before it’s too late!

We need to stand for our proud history in all 50 states. Election integrity is an absolute must in a viable democracy. Why now? We may never have another chance! Allow the stars and stripes to shine from deep within our hearts!

Let our flags fly with a genuine, non-violent, yet potent patriotism that counts! May our symbols embody the liberty that can and will last. Everyone will be on the front lines for the United States of America.

Our non-violent goal is election integrity in all 50 states. This non-violent struggle has just begun. Shine America! Shine!

Pray! Pray! Pray!

The best is yet to come; as God leads us, one by one by one.

We are moving up, yes, the best is yet to come.

Prayer! Prayer! Prayer!

God is personal. God is love.

Roots are wonderful, but each of us and all of us must blossom in our faith by what we say and do.

The future lies not in “dogma,” but ultimately as each of us prays in a very personal way and gathers spiritual good from religions and others, and we act on our faith.

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