Our Patience Must End in Action

Sometimes, patience is a virtue. Sometimes it’s not. Right now, in my opinion, enduring an illegitimate Presidency as well as illegitimate Democratic majorities in the House and Senate (with the Vice President) is simply intolerable to our cherished Republic (at least with genuine patriots who are grateful for our freedoms, opportunity, and prosperities as well as all our other many, many, many blessings.)

Republicans, Independents, thoughtful Democrats, and all responsible Americans must realize that we are at a crucial point in our history. Complacency is not an option if we are to survive as the beacon and champion of freedom and free enterprise – engendering creativity and prosperity. Governing via this election fraud is not a viable alternative.

I am praying for election integrity in America. Additionally, my daily prayer includes a plea to save our Republic. We all need meaning and purpose in our lives. Saving our American Republic is certainly a worthy goal for Republicans, Independents, thoughtful Democrats, and ALL Americans. Period. Period. Period.

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