Creative Thinking

In this Innovation Age, it is vital to America to be honest, wise, and creative.

We have a huge challenge as to climate change both in America and globally. I am quite concerned that the Democrats will throw huge amounts of dollars at this problem in an extremely wasteful and corrupt manner and not address it with the careful research, planning, and business-like manner demanded for this momentous task.

And their proposed taxes to “pay” for it simply won’t work. They will not raise tax revenues, but rather will deeply hurt employment, work incentives, and all the prosperity that free enterprise can and does provide.

Another danger is excess piling on of regulations by government entities and personnel who really don’t understand their detrimental effect on the American businesses, employees, and our whole economy.

How many Democrats have actually run a business, especially the ones supposedly at the top of the party and in charge of directing these trillion dollar+ bills?

This is a desperate cry for freedom and free enterprise which engenders creativity and prosperity!

Join me in displaying the stars and stripes to demonstrate our NON-VIOLENT patriotism and respect for our imperfect, yet valiant American history!

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