The Massive Voter Fraud of 2020

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Dear God,

First, a little history. In 1960, there was voter fraud in Chicago which tipped that presidential election to then-Senator John F. Kennedy. It was not wide-spread, and Senator Nixon conceded to avoid a national crisis. Also, John F. Kennedy was an outstanding candidate with broad support and America had a viable two-party system, at least at the national level. America was strong, but also was in the midst of the Cold War.

In 2000, in another extremely close election, Vice President Gore rightfully conceded to then-governor George W. Bush. Another constitutional crisis was averted.

But times have changed and, in many ways, for the worse. We helped Communist China rise and most observers, including myself, thought that as their nation and people rose out of destitution, they would adopt western characteristics of freedom and eventually democracy. We were mistaken.

Most telling was their one-party system. The Communist Chinese Party, throughout their 70-year history, never gave up on that communism with Chinese characteristics. This was paramount, that is, socialism and with party over the individual.

After Mao, the founder of the Chinese Communist Party (a ruthless dictator who caused about 70 million deaths) came a series of leaders who allowed some degree of free enterprise. Also trade was readily encouraged by America and many other nations. This led to vast material improvements for the people and mainland China.

However, that one-party rule eventually led to Xi, a dictator who deeply believes that the Communist Chinese Party, and especially he himself, is absolutely paramount and in total control.

There are about 90 million Communist Chinese Party members. Around 11 million people are in Hong Kong (once a mostly free, thriving cosmopolitan city with rule of law when I visited it. It is now under assault in terms of promised democracy and their freedoms.) There are about 1.4 billion Chinese people who are not Communist Party members and who are not part of the elite.

The weakness of the Chinese communists are their majority state-owned corporations which are historically inefficient and unprofitable; once subsidized by the central government and later by banks creating bad loans. The lack of the rule of law can adversely affect even China’s 160+ billionaires (politics over business) and all the benefits that freedom and democracy inherently bestow.

One other thing is the attempt to “lead” the Communist Party into world domination and with no scruples.

Xi has a mind that is somewhat unusual. He wants to be loved AND feared. He has been ruthless with Tibetans, the Muslins, and those in Hong Kong (violating drastically the agreement as to their status that was previously made with Britain.)

In terms of America, Xi and the Communist Chinese Party have been guilty of huge thefts of intellectual property and jobs. All agreements to cease these lawless acts have been broken and merely diverted attention.

I highly recommend Newt Gingrich’s book Trump vs. China: Facing America’s Greatest Threat.

But what if this massive systemic and specific election fraud is allowed to stand and we do not have the strong and determined President Trump to lead us against Xi and the Chinese Communist Party? It should be absolutely terrifying to all Americans, this looming possibility, especially with the lost, bought, and paid for China Joe Biden falsely claiming our presidency!

Why do I say “falsely?” Think of this cognitively impaired 47-year swamp creature whose highest accomplishment was sending millions of black “predators” to prison with unjust legislation. Kamala Harris has similar “accomplishments.”

China Joe Biden, and to a large extent Kamala Harris, campaigned very little; partly because they had little in the way of supporters and couldn’t draw a crowd. Of course, they pretended that their small events were hampered by what I call the China Virus from whence it came.

Now, think about the Biden/Harris “campaign.” I offer this explanation after carefully watching their campaign versus the Trump/Pence intense drive including huge number of enthusiasts amid patriotic gatherings. First and sadly true; China Joe Biden was simply incapable of a vigorous march to the presidency because he is cognitively impaired, not very intelligent, and extremely subject to incoherent and/or politically damaging statements.

And Kamala Harris has an odd way of invoking an inappropriate laugh throughout almost anything she does or in any situation. It comes across as strangely phony when she pairs that demeanor with an abundance of lies and mistruths, just like China Joe Biden.

Now let’s survey the recent history of the Democratic Party. I submit that the current party has disintegrated drastically since its formidable days of President John F. Kennedy and his charming and beautiful first lady, Jackie Kennedy. President Kennedy was astute, intelligent and quite quotable. My favorite quote of his sits on my desk, “One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.” He initiated an investment tax credit that spurred the American economy and he also opposed communism. I vividly recall his stand that resulted in the removal of Soviet Union nuclear missiles from Cuba.

But that was almost 60 years ago. In my opinion, the Democratic Party leadership have lost their way. In tweeting for a while I called them the mob/lieslieslies party as “peaceful protests” and “defund the police” movements were widespread in cities and states controlled by that pitiful party, primarily its leaders. The “peaceful protests” turned into lawlessness with arson, looting, and violence.

Police, who protect and serve us, were up against bricks, Molotov cocktails, lasers, and very undeserved disrespect physically and mentally.

Perhaps the worst part of the plight of the police was the lack of support at all levels of leadership from what I later called the mob/corrupt party. Some mob/corrupt cities actually carried out a “defunding of police” amid a host of police retirements, resignations, and rampant poor morale among those who remained. It is no wonder that so many police unions endorsed President Trump, a move quite contrary to past history.

Two well-funded organizations were deeply involved with these riots which may have followed the so-called “peaceful protests.” Two proponents of non-violent protests whom I deeply respect and admire are Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. Both would have rejected those two organizations for at least the following reasons:

  • Lack of a clear just cause
  • Lack of spiritual foundation in participants
  • Monetary gains rather than cause support
  • Lack of discipline
  • Violence destroying lives, property, and livelihoods

These two organizations, Black Lives Matter and Antifa, were particularly violent, mean, lawless, prompt to commit arson and looting, and even destroyed statues until President Trump issued an executive order making such actions a federal crime with a sentence of ten years.

These two organizations also extorted large sums of money from many businesses, using a part of their huge funds to pay looters $100 per person plus all they stole.

Particularly bizarre about the rioting was the mob/corrupt party’s silence at their national convention and only token comments later. Kamala Harris even encouraged the payment of bails for the riot participants who were arrested. George Soros had paid substantial sums to campaigns of prosecutors at city and state levels (in mob/corrupt locations.) I have deep concerns as to where his monies came from. I am profoundly suspicious that Xi and the Chinese Communist Party have supplied both funds and plans in these riots which saw some of the participants fly or otherwise travel from riot to riot; in the process destroying the lives and livelihoods of so many.

Ultimately, the riots ceased. Why? Because the mob/corrupt party finally saw their effect showing up in adverse poll results. In the meantime, crime dramatically increased in the mob/corrupt cities. It is no wonder that about 80% of the residents of these affected areas wanted more or the same police protection than they had in the past. It is also understandable that black and brown voting for President Trump and Republicans rose substantially.

Let’s address the mainstream media. I wrote about those sources of “propaganda” in my Freedom Ballot blog. Partly the source of their extreme bias is our schools and colleges who – in blunt, yet honest, words – have brainwashed the young. But part of the deep source behind the long-term infiltration of these teachings has originated from the Chinese Communist Party. They have for years been constructing a “grid for information warfare.”

In The Federalist, as analyzed in my Freedom Ballot Blog, I conclude that the following mainstream media has deep financial ties to the Chinese Communist Party:

  • New York Times
  • Washington Post
  • CNN
  • ABC
  • Bloomberg

In my opinion, these deep financial ties greatly influence the hiring and firing of managers, staff, and content producers.

Now, let’s couple some pieces of the background into this 2020 election puzzle; China Joe Biden, unfit and not worthy of the presidency; Kamala Harris, on the ticket to please the far left, totally unlikable, phony, and (like China Joe Biden) lacking in honesty and character; a mainstream media (discredited above, the Freedom Ballot blog and The Federalist) who allowed little or no scrutiny of the Biden/Harris ticket.

Now let’s examine the enormous corruption of China Joe Biden. He and his family have been influence-peddling for decades with the communist Chinese, Russia, Ukraine and elsewhere. In the last few weeks of the campaign, some particularly damning corruption was uncovered, some linked directly to China Joe Biden himself. It was reported by Fox News and very few other sources.

However, the mainstream media was silent on these extremely damning meetings with a “partner” who had asked China Joe Biden how he and his family could get away with all this huge cash from sources in China, Russia, the Ukraine, and elsewhere. His answer was, “plausible deniability!”

Now, this particularly damning avalanche of fresh evidence of probably criminal acts of China Joe Biden and his family were ignored by the mainstream media and even suppressed by Twitter and Facebook.

Despite all of the above I deeply believe Americans cast their legal votes in favor of President Trump and Republicans. That same discredited media rushed to declare China Joe Biden and Kamala Harris the victors despite much, much, much mob/corruption lawlessness in the counting process.

I believe President Trump won re-election if legal, and only legal, votes are tabulated in a fair, honest, and legal manner. I also deeply believe this fraudulent counting has been planned and then executed.

Perhaps the biggest surprise to the mob/corrupt party was that there was no big blue wave and more illegal votes were necessary in a multitude of states to “win.”

The prima-faci evidence is that Republican poll watchers were illegally excluded from some of the vote-counting. Also certain illegal vote harvesting occurred when operatives physically went out and secured ballots from voters. In most states this violates the law and there should be a national law to prevent intimidation and/or vote buying.

I believe the enormity of this systematic and specific election result fraud will bring more and more citizens to come forward. Also, some of the counts that are suspect came from computers that were manipulated.

The right and privilege to legally vote is of supreme importance in our American democracy. This is particularly true in these elections, more critical than it has ever been in the history of our freedom-loving republic.

Rudy Giuliani, in a tweet on November 9, 2020, noted that states under investigation included Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada, and others. In my opinion, these election results had been planned in advance with the biggest surprise being the strong showing of President Trump and Republicans. This made the widespread fraud more difficult and more open to discovery by Trump and Republican fact-finders.

The massive scope of the fraudulent election results demonstrates how corrupt the national and some state parties have fallen. America needs a two-party system at all levels; but each party must have candidates who have merit, competence, and lacking corruption. One party at the local, state, and federal level leads to an opposite result (such as the one party in communist China.)

Republicans and all Americans should be filled with righteous indignation at these massive voter frauds of 2020. We must demand audits and recounts, (including the Dominion Voting Systems), in all disputed races and states.


In Christ’s name, Amen.

Now take action below and make your voice heard. Use the template email below (copy and past into your email) once you find your Secretary of State & Attorney General to demand an audit + recount!!!

Suggested email template for you to copy and paste:

Dear Secretary of State/Attorney General:  As an American citizen I demand an official audit and recount of all elections in our state.  Sincerely, (Your Name)


Secretary of State

Name:  Brad Raffensperger (R)


Phone Office: (404) 656-2817

Phone (Brad Raffensperger Direct): (470) 312-2800 

Attorney General

Name:  Christopher M. Carr  (R)


Phone: (404) 458-3600


Secretary of State

Name:  Katie Hobbs (D)


Phone (Katie Hobbs Direct): (602) 542-9781

Phone  (Assistant Janelle Pedregon Direct) : (602) 542-6273

Attorney General

Name:  Mark Brnovich (R) 


Phone: (602) 542-5025


Secretary of State

Name:  Jocelyn  Benson (D) 


Email (Chief of Staff):

Phone (Chief of Staff Melissa Smiley): (517) 512-0996

Attorney General

Name:  Dana Nessel  (D)


Phone: 517-335-7622


Secretary of State

Name: Douglas La Follette (D)


Phone: (608) 266-8888.  Press 3. 

Attorney General

Name:  Josh Kaul (D)

Email: Would not provide it.  Please google this to contact him via a form:

Phone: They refuse to connect the call for you (608) 266-1221



Secretary of State

Name:  Kathy Boockvar (D)

Email her Assistant Barbara directly:

Phone: (717) 787-6458

Attorney General

Name:  Josh Shapiro (D)


Phone: 717-787-3391


Secretary of State

Name:  Barbara Cegavske  (R)


Phone: (775) 684-5708

Attorney General

Name:  Aaron D. Ford (D)


Phone: (775) 684-1100. Press 0.

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