A Cause Greater Than Ourselves

Dear God,

Republicans and all Americans:


A grave injustice has taken place in America. Our very freedom and democracy is at stake.

This cannot be a Red State or Blue State, Conservative, Moderate, or Liberal phenomena. It is a moral issue; the integrity of our very fundamental right and privilege to have fair, honest and legal elections; most especially that of November 3, 2020.

If that election is not turned into a transparent fair, honest and lawful election; America may never have such an election again. I sincerely believe this and do not think I am overstating the predicament in which we, the people, find ourselves.

We must unite or fall into the dust pan of glories past! At this crucial point, the question is not who won the Presidency, Senate and House. The question is the very survival of our cherished Republic; its wonderful freedoms of the individual and free enterprise, the engine of prosperity.

If America loses its rule of law, the sanctity of legal votes and their fair, honest, and legal tabulation; The legitimacy of our very democracy comes into question.

What are our choices?  Chaos, riots, looting, anarchy; That is one extreme.  A repressive, top-down, government like Communist China (lacking in individual rights, freedom, the rule of law, true free enterprise, and dominated from cradle to grave with propaganda); That is the other extreme.

I dare say that few Americans would freely choose either of those alternatives; anarchy or repression.

Our future must survive on the freedoms we revere.  Otherwise, America will be lost.  Putting the pieces together without widely recognized, valid elections of November 3, 2020 will paint a bleak and dangerous path toward tyranny or chaos.

Yes, Republicans; Yes, Democrats; Yes, Independents; Yes, white, black, brown, Asian; Yes, ALL Americans; UNITE for freedom and democracy!  Essential to a bright future are transparent, fair, honest, and lawful results of the elections in America on November 3, 2020.  It is NOW or NEVER!

In Christ’s Name, Amen.  

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