I just received an endorsement letter for Restoration Action as to their SECURE OUR ELECTIONS NOW. The letter was from the former Speaker of the House, (1995-1999), the Honorable Newt Gingrich who led the successful drive for Contract with America as he presided as Speaker.

As Mr. Gingrich stated, “…the plan hinges on using information already publicly available via public records requests to impose TRANSPARENCY on our election system, which will ultimately allow you and me to effectively AUDIT OUR ELECTIONS IN REAL TIME.”

Legislation, state by state, is important. But the genius of SECURING OUR ELECTIONS NOW is that it will “provide an easy-to-use, online tool to determine who is and is not a legitimate voter in advance of Election Day.” [November 2022]

For $65,000 per state and $3.265 million for ALL 50 states, will take a HUGE step forward in securing America’s elections.

Their vitally important, awesome, innovative Six-Step Roadmap to ELECTION INTEGRITY follows:

  1. Posting Data on ALL 50 states on by November 2022. Already their first state Nevada went live in April of 2021 and as of March 2022, 20 states have been launched. Weekly state launchings will follow.
  2. Put State Election Officers on Notice.
  3. Challenge Ineligible Voters.
  4. Push for Quicker Access to Post-Election Voter Data.
  5. Shame Politicians and States Who Refuse To Secure Their Elections.
  6. Build Momentum for Election Security Legislation.

The “great news” is that NONE of these six-step approaches “requires any politician’s approval.”

To find out more, contact:

Restoration Action, 1901 Butterfield Rd., Suite 120, Downers Grove, IL 60515, or examine, or call Restoration Action at (630) 353-2501.

To me, this is exciting, innovative, and refreshing, especially if you’re patriotic as I am, and so many of us are, and MORE of us in the FUTURE!



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