If you really think about it, life is very uncertain all along our journey. Right now, America’s fate is quite in doubt as it is being attacked from within and without. Marxism, whether American, Chinese, or whatever; is at our throat.

I sincerely believe we must go about overturning the November 3, 2020, presidential election to save our American Republic!

ALL of the elections, starting then, should be examined in a forensic manner to see that they were secure, valid, legal, accurate, honest, and reflected the will of our voters from valid ballots to the final count.

ALL Federal, state, and local elections should be as secure as our credit/debit cards from the valid ballot to the final count. In this Innovation Age, let’s have elections WITHOUT algorithms, internet connections, and lock boxes! Convenience isn’t our goal. TRUTHFUL ELECTION RESULTS, that’s the goal.



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