Individually and collectively, we can seek THE WAY; to say and do loving, kind, thoughtful, meaningful words and deeds with our time; day by day, year by year, following our calling(s) along THE WAY.

As we proceed with our lives, from birth or at ANY time along our life’s journey, we must survive, strive, and thrive, toward our spiritual destiny while learning and applying Copthorne Macdonald’s wisdom-associated values; empathy, truth, honesty, justice, cooperation, peace, compassion, universal well-being, creativity, as well as comprehensive knowledge.

Along life’s day by day trek we must learn to shun Copthorne Macdonald’s negative human values of selfishness, greed, envy, hate, and revenge.

My foundation has been Presbyterian churches-with gaps-since birth and early baptism. I learned as a child that GOD IS LOVE. Loving religions and faiths, in my opinion, are essential ingredients to a genuinely fulfilling and successful odyssey.


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