Some time ago, I wrote that Putin should have two choices:

1. Quick retirement with guaranteed security and ample funds-the non-violent solution with justice (a wisdom-associated value) and a denial of power as well as forgiveness (instead of the negative human value of revenge).


However, the brave Ukrainians now appear to have the initiative and should be helped in arms+ to take back all of their territory, Eastern Ukraine and Crimea.

If Putin remains in power, any “peace” agreement will only lead to future Russian attacks from one who has no more respect for international borders than Biden and the Democrats.

“The Wall Street Journal,” (dated Monday, April 4, 2022), in its lead editorial agrees with my last paragraph concluding, “the U.S. and NATO should provide all the military and sanctions support [that Ukrainians] needs. If Mr. Putin gains from this war, there will be more invasions, more war crimes like those in Bucha [with the sad civilian outrageous civilian deaths] in the future.”

Pray for Ukraine and a future of peace for ALL!

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