The American legal profession is due for deep, deep, deep, reforms!

In my opinion, the most heinous, atrocious violation of “The Rule of Law” was the massive election fraud of November 3, 2020.

There were lawyers everywhere you looked perpetrating, covering-up, delaying, and the one that really throws me-not allowing forensic examination of the presidential/vice presidential elections to be performed. Such examinations were offered, obstructed, and denied by Democrats and lawyers.

The result; a corrupt, idiot without a heart, cognitively challenged, China/Russia traitor-Joe Biden, a lawyer, as “president”.

Now traitor Joe selects a black lady for the Supreme Court purely because it “seems” like a good political move. This is Joe’s “Rule of Law.” It’s another tactic to mislead black voters, ignoring our wise Constitution or perhaps even subverting it intentionally.

Stopping the appointment will require some Democrats to step up. It won’t be among the Marxists Democrats who want to destroy America and build a Marxist state. Such has NEVER been accomplished before, although tried many times. A dictatorship with diminished FREEDOMS is the repeated history of such terrible Utopias, usually with cruelty such as in China and Russia (being the remnant of the Soviet Union) right NOW!

Let’s start by supporting our Republic and rejecting this Supreme Court nominee from a fraudulent “president,” one who has supported “1619,” Critical Race Theory, and light sentences for crime (with a reign of criminality now sweeping America).

Again, the legal profession is in dire need of deep, deep, deep, reforms-starting with this nominee.

Stand up for our American Republic, NOW!


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