I would like to express my own opinion of Xi, who has been the dictator of Communist China starting in 2013. This year he is seeking a third five-year term which could lead to a lifetime tenor. With our weak, Marxist influenced, compromised “President” Biden, little immediate help lies in America to prevent that disaster. The Communist Party and/or the Chinese people must stop him – NON-VIOLENTLY!

In my opinion, Xi either knew about what I call the Xi Virus and had it released or he unleashed it as a bio-weapon very intentionally. Also, it is my opinion that he initiated the changes and follow-through of America’s election protocol. The result was that the November 3, 2020, elections quite blatantly subverted our presidential election. Probably, the House and Senate elections were also fraudulent, at least enough to result in a thin Democratic “majority” in Congress.

Xi is the Hitler of our time; complete with concentration camps of about 1,000,000 Muslims, about 1,000,000 deaths due to forced organ harvesting, the cancelling of freedoms in Hong Kong in a brutal and inhuman fashion, the Xi Virus which has been devastating in terms of lives and livelihoods throughout America and globally, and destroying American elections and confidence in self-government.

I understand Xi wants to be loved and feared. His “heroes” are Mao and Stalin, both ruthless dictators who are responsible for about 100,000,000 combined deaths.

There were quite a few unsuccessful attempts to assassinate Adolph Hitler. Let’s somehow, globally, remove Xi prior to further damage to the Chinese people and all of humanity.


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