To me, being conservative does not mean being against change. Climate change-precipitated by humankind-was something pushed early by liberals. But now the facts are much clearer.

Very recent publications include Bill Gates superb book, “How to Avoid Climate Disaster,” 2021, “Scientific America’s” cover article, “A wetter, warmer atmosphere is causing devastating hurricanes and flooding rains,” November, 2021, and “The Economist” Special report: “Stabilizing the climate,” October, 2021.

Now the facts are much clearer than 20 or 30 years ago.

All Republicans and Democrats must unite in helping our governments in a way they can be most effective – basic and applied research, particularly as to nuclear power, carbon dioxide recapture, and resilience infrastructure.

I see America using freedom as individuals and free enterprise to INNOVATE in this vital world challenge. We can and we must!

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