Falling in love, based largely on emotions and perhaps money can fail ultimately. “The honeymoon always ends” ( As Mr. Scott Peck wrote in his famous book, “The Road Less Traveled”).

From my latest book, “Wisdom for Heaven on Earth,” in the Gender Harmony chapter, I relate some of the aspects of rich, vibrant, lasting marriages. Some parts are as follows;

Supporting each other’s dreams, two “selves” rather than an adolescent “merging” into a co-dependent relationship, fighting kindly NOT right before bedtime or after consumption of alcohol, good communication generally, consideration, patience, listening to each other and oneself, courage, commitment, and on and on are parts of those who PRACTICE wise love.

Personally, I seek wise love. First, foremost and essential in my long quest-kindness and character. Then, everything else! As Frank Sinatra sung so beautifully; “All or Nothing at All!”

I sincerely believe that THE BEST IS YET TO COME! For me, America, and the world, and perhaps you too!

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