To preserve our American Republic; We must have ELECTION INTEGRITY, from a properly ID-ed ballot to the final counts-as secure as our credit/debit cards.

I pray for election integrity retroactive to Election Day, November 3, 2020; when so many of us lost our confidence in those elections, especially the presidential “election” of the idiot without a heart. This was the first time in my entire life that I even contemplated such a massive fraud.

“The Epoch Times,” a publication which I highly respect, has a summary of state action so far entitled, “In Barrage of New Bills, States Expand or Limit Mail-In Voting,” (dated December 21-28, 2021). In summary it states, “Republican-leaning states tended to introduce measures to make voting more secure, but less convenient. Democrat/leaning states were more likely on the opposite track.”

That’s a sad commentary of America’s reckless Democrats, pertaining to federal, state, and local elections. Poor government thrives in too-many One-Party Democrat-leaning states/cities with decades-long failing public schools, unsafe cities, and high taxes. Incompetence and corruption are pervasive. An unusual exodus has and is transpiring from these states-people and businesses (the ultimate “VOTE!”).

Wake up, America! Let’s closely examine ALL aspects of ELECTION INTEGRITY, including automation from voting machines to counting!


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