The Monster $3.5 Trillion (honestly scored $5+ Trillion) bill is far, far, far, too big. It is simply NOT affordable, except for AOC & Nancy & Chuck & the imposter. Why? It destroys the Tax system that was working so well for blacks, browns, Asians, women, and all Americans. The rich will avoid the taxes and the bill will NOT raise the money. The Democrats lie to us about that, as usual.

The expansion of social programs is simply wrong for America and ridiculous in the face of the dire need to provide incentives for us to work. Work not only yields income; it teaches us to learn by doing-from getting to work on time to responsibility in general. Suicides, addictions, and many of the ills of our society are linked to a lack of purpose(s) in our lives, and working is a good thing. Democrats use envy and hate to vilify work while Republicans offer opportunities which instill pride and accomplishment.

Hyper-inflation will be another product of this Monster bill. I’m old enough to remember the 1970s, stagflation (high inflation and low growth) as well as high interest rates. AOC may not remember, but Nancy and Chuck and the imposter should be afraid of that Democratic record. It took our wonderful President Reagan, Fed Chairman Paul Volker, Mr. Milton Friedman, and others to turn that Democratic farce around.

The Democrats have failed miserably at our Southern border, Afghanistan, and numerous executive orders. Why trust them NOW with this Monster bill?

And there are a whole lot of other items tucked away in this Monster bill that the Democrats don’t want to debate or study carefully as ANY legislation of this size CERTAINLY DESERVES.

Bombard the Democrats and seek their justification for this Monster with letters, e-mails, phone calls, personal visits, etc. Be civil, courteous, yet forceful. Please don’t curse or threaten physical force.


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