In my opinion, the latest Democratic voting bill is an open admission that Democrats fully intend to re-enact the election/voter fraud of November 3, 2020 and thereafter. “The Wall Street Journal,” (dated September 22, 2021), states ; “Democrats started with a bad voting bill that was gigantic, and they’ve whittled it into a bad voting bill that’s merely enormous. It still deserves to die.” I fully agree!

Americans are in dire need of an election/voting/counting process handled Constitutionally at the state level, which is as secure as our credit/debit cards and quite transparent. The Democrats have come up with a federal bill that, in effect, is just the opposite of that. The bill is largely unconstitutional, has pitiful ID requirements, will delay results-so they can cheat, will engender lawsuits galore, will create administrative nightmares, and, worst of all, will institutionalize the public’s mistrust of our federal elections.

ANY person in the House OR Senate who votes FOR this bill should go down in defeat on their next election. It’s that BAD! Democrats, who vote for it, may very well have not been legally elected in the first place. Of course, our imposter “president” is in that category.

This bill is the DIRECT OPPOSITE of ELECTION INTEGRITY. Shame on the Democrats!

This is important; Rail against this bill with letters, e-mails, phone calls, personal visits, etc. Be polite, courteous, yet forceful. Please refrain from profanity or physical threats.


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